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Factory-to-foundation / logistics

Mammoet’s factory-to-foundation services optimize the transportation of heavy and oversized components by managing the complete logistics chain from the factory to its final destination. 

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Timely and safe execution

Industrial plants are constructed with components sourced from specialized suppliers located throughout the world. Each plant requires a number of oversized and heavy components to be shipped to the construction site. These need to arrive in the right order and at the right time. Shipping of oversized and heavy cargo requires specific expertise, as infrastructure limitations create bottlenecks that demand alternative transport approaches. An optimal route must be developed, often consisting of a chain of different transport modes. This implies a number of handover points, which require close coordination to reduce the risk of delays. Besides all this, especially in case of cross border transports, a lot of paperwork must be handled. By sourcing this combination of services through a ‘factory-to-foundation’ contract, a single contractor is charged with responsibility for the whole trajectory, minimizing the number of handover points, reducing or eliminating demurrage charges and optimizing logistic efficiency. Timely and safe execution is managed and optimized by one specialized party.

We are very happy with our equipment installed ahead of schedule.

Paloma Frutos, Logistics manager Guïria Project, ELECNOR

Specialist expertise and insights

Mammoet’s factory-to-foundation service combines the expertise of managing complex logistics with specialist expertise and insights in handling heavy and oversized cargo. We develop a tailor-made and optimized logistic chain, especially in cases where infrastructural limitations rule out standard routes.

Integrated approach

We act as main contractor for the total chain of activities that need to take place: composing the optimal route by performing the necessary route studies and obtaining permits, managing the total supply chain through third party sourcing or in-house execution of lifting, load-outs and load-ins and the transport itself over roads, water and railways. In the case of international transport, handling paperwork and dealing with border customs is yet another integral link of the task chain. This ensures that all big and heavy components arrive safely and on time at the foundation.

Optimizing time to market

Mammoet has broad and diverse hands-on experience with a wide range of transport modes. We have built extensive knowledge of transport regulations in countries around the globe, as well as long-standing relationships with the relevant transport agencies. We own the widest and most modern range of equipment available for lifting and transport. Our equipment’s reliability and safety are ensured through strict maintenance programs. In specific cases where we do not have our own equipment available, we can rely on a worldwide and well-tested network of partners. If needed, Mammoet offers storage and transshipment services through our own or third party terminals. And all this with one purpose in mind: achieve uptime of the plant as soon as possible.

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