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Modular construction

Mammoet can help optimize modular construction by defining the optimum dimensions and weights of modules, taking the design of the construction, the capacity of the equipment, the local regulations and the bottlenecks along the route into account.

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Increased use of modular construction methods

Modular construction provides cost and scheduling benefits in mining, petrochemical and power industries. It also increases worker safety due to construction taking place in a controlled environment, often at a location other than the actual construction site. One of the major developments in modular construction is the increase in size of the modules being assembled. Consequently, the success of modular construction projects relies more and more on the logistical possibilities available for the different modules. Thorough analyses and engineering help define the optimum dimensions and weights of the modules, taking the capacity of lifting and transport equipment into account. Route surveys are conducted to understand and counter any possible bottlenecks along the way that may restrict the size of modules or have an impact on the timing of the project. Also, knowledge of oversized load restrictions and regulatory issues helps determine the most efficient approach.

In the end, the transportation was able to accommodate the design, and not the other way around.

Mike Autrey, Group Vice President at Jacobs Engineering

Extensive expertise and state-of-the-art equipment

Mammoet has extensive expertise in crafting solutions for modular construction challenges. Our Engineered Heavy Logistics approach often leads to significant timesavings and more cost-effectiveness in the overall project plan. We have the widest and most modern fleet of equipment, enabling lifting, transport, skidding and push-up of modules of different dimensions and weights. It is unique in its range and capacities and subject to strict maintenance programs that uphold reliability and safety.

Safely speeding up time to market

Having the right equipment, no matter how capable, is still only one part of the solution. In order to optimize the whole chain of logistical activities, our work effectively begins in the early design stages of modular construction projects. Through a combination of expertise, creativity and equipment, Mammoet reduces modular construction schedules and delivers modules safely – adding to cost-effectiveness and contributing to an earlier uptime of plants.

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