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Rapid response

Thanks to its global presence, Mammoet is ready to provide a rapid and effective response anywhere in the world. We can quickly and efficiently recover assets and reduce negative impacts that result from emergency situations.

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Minimizing impact of emergency situations

Ships, offshore platforms, onshore plants and installations are being constructed at ever-larger scales. This causes continuous increase in their overall insured values and means that the potential impact of emergency situations is growing significantly – on the environment, immediate vicinities and traffic situations.

Rapid and effective response

So when an emergency situation strikes, a rapid and effective response aimed at securing lives, the environment and assets is essential. In wreck removal, the focus is on recovery of assets and minimizing impact on traffic and other associated activities. Timely execution, with specific attention to safety and the environment is essential.

Responding swiftly, safely and cost-effectively to reduce negative impacts.

Vast expertise and reliable equipment

On sea and land, Mammoet has built up vast expertise in a range of complex rapid response and wreck removal operations relating to a wide array of constructions, including ships, trains, bridges, and even radio and TV towers. In such operations, one cannot rely on a single type of equipment or expertise; each situation requires a specific combination of knowledge and tools. Therefore, Mammoet combines its engineering and operational expertise with the availability of a large and varied set of equipment and auxiliary tools. The entire fleet is subject to strict maintenance schedules, ensuring reliability and safety at all times. This combination enables us to react quickly and effectively in case of emergency. And in wreck removal projects, it enables us to develop and execute operations safely and cost-effectively.

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