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Civil construction

Mammoet works with clients to find smart approaches for each project to improve construction efficiency and minimize inconvenience while protecting the safety of the public.

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Pushing the boundaries of construction

Landmark construction projects often require the installation of large and heavy components. While innovative architects come up with new designs that push the boundaries of construction and demand new methods of installation, construction space is often quite restrictive. And installation is often conducted while multiple parallel construction activities are ongoing. Of course, the work must be managed while minimizing interference with day-to-day activities around the construction site.

Mammoet has built up extensive expertise in the construction, movement and relocation of landmarks.

Keep on schedule and minimize risks

Mammoet has played a role in constructing many of the world's landmarks. We devise new approaches to landmark construction by drawing on our operational expertise in a range of industries, and by employing our large fleet of equipment and technology. By taking a smart approach to lifting and positioning elements, architects and construction companies can realize their construction goals while keeping on schedule and minimizing inconvenience and risk to other ongoing construction works. The safety of the public, as well as their timely enjoyment of both the landmark and the surrounding area, motivates us to work quickly and efficiently.

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