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Involving Mammoet at the early stages of engineering helps optimize construction approaches. This improves safety and aids the successful construction, transport and installation of critical infrastructure while minimizing disruption.

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Enabling off-site construction with minimal disruptions

Infrastructure projects often count on the off-site construction of a number of large and heavy elements. The on-site construction of bridges, fly overs, tunnel elements and beams is often impossible, so complex, or has such a large impact on traffic flows, that off-site construction is required. These large and heavy elements need to be brought in and installed in a timely manner that minimizes interference with construction activities. Close coordination between these different activities is essential. A common challenge lies in traffic disruptions related to infrastructure projects. Such disruptions represent a real nuisance to road and waterway users, as well as to local residents. Therefore they should be kept to a minimum.

Mammoet supports clients to optimize their overall construction approach; realizing infrastructure projects in a timely manner while ensuring safety and minimizing disruption.

Safety, expertise and equipment

Mammoet has worked on a wide range of infrastructure projects. Our long-standing operational expertise and engineering insights enable us to help customers develop approaches for successful construction, transport and installation of these critical infrastructure elements, both on land and on (or under) water. By becoming involved in the early stages of engineering, we help customers to optimize their overall construction approach. Our wide and deep fleet allows us to combine techniques for each specific project requirement. We support our customers in realizing their infrastructure projects in a timely manner, while always adhering to the highest safety standards and keeping disruptions to a minimum.

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