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Mining & metals

Mammoet realizes more efficient construction and logistics processes for bringing new mining capacity online and renewing or extending existing facilities.

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Overcoming bottlenecks

Mining facilities are often located in remote locations where construction of new processing equipment is no easy task. Larger components and modular construction technologies reduce onsite construction activities, but the timely supply of components or modules, and the on-site lifting and installation of these objects, present a challenge in remote locations. Infrastructural bottlenecks must be identified and overcome. Pickups at the fabrication yard, transport to the site, and onsite storage and logistics must all be carefully planned and coordinated to reduce downtime and save costs.

Minimizing downtime

In open pit mines, the equipment used is large and heavy. Downtime for this kind of equipment has large financial and operational consequences that are felt throughout the entire production chain. Efficiency is critical in assembling new equipment and relocating to other sites as well as in dismantling equipment for maintenance and overhauls.

Using creative engineering in combination with operational expertise, Mammoet can overcome infrastructural bottlenecks for mining and metals projects.

Optimizing uptime

Mammoet has a longstanding history of successfully executing a range of mining and metals projects. We move deadlines forward and optimize construction time by drawing on our operational expertise and utilizing a large and diverse fleet of equipment. We offer safe and smart lifting and transport approaches for both modular construction projects and the supply and installation of large and heavy components. Through creative engineering and operational insights, we continually develop new approaches for the assembly, maintenance and relocation of key equipment- improving uptime of operations while reducing time and costs.

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