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Nuclear power

Mammoet combines its engineering heritage with deep and long-standing expertise for nuclear construction, decommissioning, shutdown and maintenance services, ensuring safe and reliable delivery.

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Minimizing construction schedules

The construction of nuclear power plants requires large upfront investments. To ensure maximum returns on investment, the schedule needs to be minimized to reduce total construction time. Many different components need to be collected, transported and installed– all in a safe and timely manner. Because there are many interdependencies between construction and installation, the installation of large and heavy components is often essential. Careful coordination of the arrival and installation of these components brings power to the grid as quickly as possible.

Safety first

The maintenance of nuclear facilities requires a primary focus on safety, so as to minimize exposure to contaminated materials. This adds to the complexity of change-out operations and creates a new challenge, as downtime is very costly. A smart approach to lifting and transporting contaminated components contributes to time and cost savings while meeting strict safety requirements. As many nuclear facilities were not designed with dismantling in mind, smart approaches are also needed for efficient decommissioning of these plants.

A long history of working with nuclear power plants enables Mammoet to safely and smoothly execute projects for this sector.

Time saving approaches

Mammoet has experience working on a wide range of nuclear power plants, both during construction and outages. Our expertise in coordinating the supply and installation of large components enables us to meet tight construction schedules. We have a team of specialized engineers who develop safe, fast and practical approaches for moving contaminated materials in confined spaces. When required, we design and build customized equipment for specific locations. Through our engineering capabilities and operational expertise, we help our customers to complete outages in a way that meets the most stringent safety requirements and minimizes downtime.

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