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Mammoet creates and delivers innovative approaches for the construction and transport of oversized and heavy structures for the offshore market.

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Improving yard utilization

Construction activities offshore are complex, time consuming and costly. Specialized construction yards contribute to reducing offshore activities through onshore construction of increasingly large and heavy jackets and platforms. This requires new construction and load-out methods in the yards. As these yards experience a growing demand and handle increasingly bigger structures, their utilization must be optimized. Because certain yard facilities don’t allow the construction of large structures in one piece, requests for on-site mating of multiple components frequently arise. Both time and safety benefits can be achieved through smart construction and load-out approaches.

Mammoet has executed construction lifts, yard moves and load-outs in a wide range of circumstances for the offshore sector.

Optimizing construction schedules

Over the years, Mammoet has established its expertise in executing construction lifts, yard moves and load-outs in a wide range of circumstances. By drawing on the knowledge of experienced Mammoet professionals and utilizing our large pool of specialized equipment, we continually come up with new approaches for safely and quickly loading and transporting jackets and platforms to offshore destinations. New construction approaches are made possible by our well-tested push-up system and gantry lifting systems. This expertise allows us to optimize construction schedules and yard logistics and execute efficient load-outs in any situation.

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