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Onshore wind

In an industry challenged by remote locations and increasingly larger components, Mammoet’s efficient logistics and installation procedures optimize the supply chain, bringing deadlines forward.

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Maximizing returns on investment

Developers of onshore wind farms aim to maximize their returns. By using bigger turbines, yields can improve. Cost reduction during the construction phase can also improve the business case. As wind farms are often built in remote locations, a significant investment in civil works may be needed to build access roads and installation pads. The windy conditions at onshore locations can also reduce weather windows for installation. Cutting down on construction time and getting power to the grid fast are both essential steps before generating revenue for onshore wind farms can begin. By optimizing supply-chain and installation logistics, we help our clients to begin maximizing their investment returns as quickly as possible.

Wind farms all across the globe have used Mammoet’s expertise to streamline their transport and construction projects.

Optimizing design and construction

Mammoet has experience building wind farms all across the globe in diverse circumstances. We support our customers by optimizing both the design and construction processes. Our specialized equipment reduces civil works requirements and helps us to safely extend weather windows. Through our global coverage and extensive fleet, we provide our customers with full logistics and installation services. They include transport from the turbine manufacturer to the site, installation of towers, turbines and blades logistics on site, and commissioning of the turbines.

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