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Mammoet delivers smart lifting and transport methods to optimize construction, increase safety and reduce downtime for the petrochemical sector.

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Facilitating demanding construction schedules

Construction of new petrochemical facilities presents a highly challenging and complex process. Large numbers of components must be transported from many different locations, and the timing, arrival and installation of these components requires detailed planning and coordination. These logistical challenges are critical for the entire operational schedule. As there are many interdependencies with other construction and installation activities, the installation of large and heavy components is often essential to ensuring timely project completion. Safety requirements demand close coordination between all activities, as well as a flawless execution.

Safety and reduction of downtime

Next to safety, the reduction of downtime is the foremost concern during maintenance and shutdown activities. Many plants were not designed with such activities in mind. By designing smart lifting and transporting solutions for exchanging key components in a petrochemical facility, both cost and downtime can be reduced. The technological developments in lifting and transporting equipment make these new approaches possible. Significant time savings can be realized by applying that knowledge to shutdown planning. Integrated planning of different shutdown activities enables optimal scheduling, as well as positioning, of lifting and transporting equipment. This careful planning can move shutdown schedules forward and enables a quicker return to operability.

Mammoet realizes smart solutions that safely minimize downtime and reduce time to market for petrochemical facilities.

Long-standing and deep expertise

Mammoet has a long-standing relationship with the petrochemical industry. Armed with a large fleet of specialized equipment, top engineering expertise and years of operational experience, we are able to optimize plant construction schedules. By working in a wide variety of refineries and chemical plants in locations around the globe, Mammoet has established high level insights and hands-on experience in executing petrochemical maintenance and shutdown projects. Our engineers and project managers typically become involved at the earliest stages of planning shutdown activities. Early cooperation between all subcontractors enables coordinated, efficient, and safe execution of maintenance activities. This enables us to improve turnaround times whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety performance.

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