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The competitive delivery of additional renewables capacity requires creativity and innovation. Mammoet helps optimize the construction process, cutting the time taken for renewable facilities to become operational.

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Pushing boundaries together

Renewable energies such as hydro-electric power, wave and tidal power and concentrated solar power can only reach grid parity if they improve yields and reduce cost per megawatt. Therefore, the renewable energy industry is constantly working to develop new technologies and increase project scale. With large upfront investments required, short construction periods are essential to realizing competitive alternatives. New technologies and larger scales require innovative approaches for installing key components in previously uncharted circumstances.

A deep and long-standing expertise underpins Mammoet’s approach to safely transporting and installing large and heavy objects, in a wide variety of conditions.

Safe and innovative approaches

Mammoet offers its renewable energy customers years of experience in installing large and heavy objects in a wide variety of conditions. Our engineers are trained to come up with safe and innovative approaches for new and complex situations. These innovative capabilities, combined with our operational expertise and large, diverse fleet of equipment, enable us to accept and safely execute challenges that may seem impossible to others. We help our clients to push industry boundaries and realize their ambition of making renewable energy a truly competitive alternative.

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