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Mammoet designs and executes efficient solutions to move ships, and shipbuilding components, in a safe and controlled manner while optimizing dock productivity.

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Efficient use of facilities

Shipyards have to use their halls and docks efficiently. The more ships they can repair or construct simultaneously – and the shorter the time that facilities are occupied – the better. With ships and yachts growing increasingly large, many shipyards are now facing limitations due to the dimensions of either their facilities or their access routes.

Mammoet’s solutions for the safe and efficient launching and transporting of ships reduce construction time and optimize use of docks and yards.

Safely reducing construction time

Mammoet has a proven track record of successfully executing projects on land and in open water. We bring together engineering expertise, years of operational experience and a large fleet of both land-based and floating equipment. This enables us to design new solutions for safely and efficiently launching and transporting ships, reducing construction time so that docks and yards can be used optimally. Our experience in negotiating locks and bridges with over-dimensioned ships enables us to help shipyards meet their customers’ demand from within existing facilities. We help shipyards to optimize their use of facilities and access routes, accelerating their projects and contributing to their profitability.

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