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22 October 2015

Mammoet Rally Team wins oilibya rally 2015

On October 9 2015, Mammoet Rallysport driver Martin van den Brink won the Oilibya Rally 2015 in Morocco. This is the first time Mammoet Rallysport has won an official World Championship, showing great progress by the team. Mammoet sponsored two trucks in the rally. The second truck, driven by Pascal de Baar, finished in 7th position.

Mammoet Rallysport wins its first official World Championship leading up to the Dakar Rally 2016

The Oilibya Rally 2015 took place over a period of five days, from 3 to 9 October. The five stages covered a total of 1,358 kilometers over both stony and sandy tracks as well as dunes. The seasoned racers Van den Brink and De Baar came to Morocco to test their Renault trucks and Pirelli tires for the upcoming Dakar Rally 2016. Despite technical challenges, including a broken turbo, cracked leaf springs, and completely worn out tires, both teams delivered a great performance.

Before the start of the fifth and final stage, Van den Brink had a four minute overall time advantage over his closest competitor, driver Ales Loprais from the Czech Republic. Martin van den Brink, navigator Peter Willemsen, and mechanic Richard Mouw made a flying sprint to the finish line at the beach of Agadir on the Atlantic Ocean. Although competitor Loprais won the 5th stage, he was only one second faster, ensuring overall victory for the Dutch team.

“I am terribly excited by this victory,” said Van den Brink after parking his truck on the winner’s podium in Agadir, “but don’t want to be euphoric.

Driver Martin van den Brink made a flying start by finishing first in the 1st stage of the Oilibya Rally 2015.

This is the Oilibya Rally and not the Dakar Rally. We came here for testing and it has become clear that we still have a lot of homework to do. But of course this victory gives us confidence. We are on the right track." 

Another confidence booster was the strong performance of fellow driver Pascal de Baar, who came 4th in the last stage. This success put him with his navigator Wouter de Graaff and mechanic Nico Stijnen in overall 7th place in the Oilibya Rally 2015.

After leaving a big impression in Morocco, both teams of Mammoet Rallysport will compete with the two Mammoet-sponsored trucks in the 38th Dakar Rally, which will take place in January 2016.

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