Innovation Series of Specials
Lidar / Road Survey Tool

Innovation Series of Specials

Mammoet has a smarter, safer, stronger solution, no matter how complex.

We haven’t become industry experts by thinking small. Our specialized engineering teams, a large fleet of innovative equipment, and a worldwide network of operating centers enable us to bring an intelligent and flexible approach to projects across a wide breadth of industry sectors.

This means that clients trust us to help them achieve feats that were once considered impossible – and we have often broken records in doing so. This section provides an overview of recent and relevant Mammoet innovations that have helped the heavy lifting and transport industry progress. 

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Lidar / Road Survey Tool

The Mammoet Lidar delivers an efficient, quick, and safe mapping method. it scans the road and its surroundings very accurately (up to 5 mm). Driving at highway speeds and without the need for additional road measurements, there is no disturbance to normal traffic. Quick data processing means clients will have the information they need faster. In addition, it is possible to go back and revisit any space, at any time. Mammoet Lidar will enable you to make decisions fast and based on facts.

The Mammoet Lidar is a fully equipped survey car, equipped with a LIDAR laser measurement system and a 360 camera. The car is able to map long transport routes, both on public roads and project sites. After scanning a route, we have very detailed 3D data of the environment, a so-called point cloud (point cloud) in combination with accurate location data and 360 colors.
Increased safety
When performing measurements on roads and their environment, roadblocks are often required. Apart from the high costs involved, it is a nuisance for road traffic and also increases the risks of accidents. The Lidar visualizes the road and its immediate environment safely and without the need for additional traffic measures. 
Collect once, use multiple times
Once the data is collected and processed, it is possible to go back and revisit any space, at any time. Whether it is needed to relook at a given viewpoint or capture a forgotten measurement, it is available 24/7, for everybody.
Added accuracy
Equipped with a world class lidar sensor, the Lidar scans the road and its surroundings very accurately ( up to 5 mm), making it the perfect fit for most mobile mapping projects.
Quick turnaround
Through smart automation of data processing, clients will have all the information to make those important decisions a lot faster.
Transport specialist as a bonus
Mammoet has developed extensive global expertise in virtually every type of heavy transport, bringing solutions to customers in each major industry around the world. We bring this expertise as an added value to your mobile mapping project.

A revolutionary method for calculating the dynamic stability of hydraulic trailers

Dynamic Stability provides clients with a detailed assessment of the safety level of their transport project before it commences. The assessment deals with more relevant parameters than customary in the industry up till now. It therefore allows hydraulic transport projects to be executed more safely.

In some cases, Dynamic Stability will also contribute towards more efficient ways of using hydraulic trailers. Dynamic Stability is a Mammoet method and was developed in-house. It has been verified and approved by classification society DNV. Mammoet will be using Dynamic Stability for all hydraulic transport projects from now on.

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Innovative, sustainable solution improves the bearing capacity of the soil for heavy lifting projects

Heavy industry construction and turnaround projects have a common requirement – the need for a solid foundation to support equipment and structures. In many cases the access roads and construction areas for projects must be reinforced to accommodate cranes, transporters and their loads.

Gravel, mats, concrete slabs and other materials are traditionally used for this purpose. But these materials are often heavy and can therefore add to the weight applied to the ground, causing settlement problems. These materials also need to be transported to and from site, resulting in additional cost and environmental impact.

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