Mammoet Runs

Mammoet Runs

Mammoet Runs is a team of passionate Mammoet colleagues taking part in the Roparun. The team have been involved in the last nine Roparun events.

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The Roparun is a relay race which starts in both Paris and Bremen, and finishes together in Rotterdam

Overall, a team consists of approximately 25 people: a maximum of eight runners – each of whom runs an average of 65 kilometers – at least two cyclists and a number of team members for supporting activities.

Donations collected for Roparun is shared by the board of the Roparun Foundation to institutions, charities or projects that contribute to the Roparun mission.
• More than 2,250 volunteers who have committed their time to Roparun
• More than 114,000 participants who have come together for the cause
• More than 84 million collected for cancer related projects
• More than 1,400 projects supporting people living with cancer
• More than 5,500 cancer patients who have enjoyed staying in one of our Roparun holiday homes

The Mammoet Runs team consists of 25 colleagues in diverse roles within Mammoet, from EMD, to Academy

Each year they dedicate their time and effort to this worthy cause. The runners and cyclists push themselves to the limits, training for what is more than one and a half marathons in total. But apart from the athletic endeavors, the team raises money by organizing all kinds of activities.

The team has been involved in the last ninth Roparun events.


The Roparun is a relay race which starts in both Paris and Bremen and finishes together in Rotterdam.

The Mammoet Runs team consists of 25 colleagues.

Over the last nine Roparun events the Mammoet Runs team has:

 - Raised EUR 272,190.00 in Roparun...

 - Run and cycled 4,985 km in France...

 - Travelled at an average 11.50 km p/hrs...

 - Dedicated over 454 hours to the cause...

Our supporters in 2020

Our team is constantly searching for sponsors who want to support, in terms of both money, and goods and services. This year the team is sponsored by the following organizations:

The amount increases every week!



Can we count on your support? 

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Meet the team!


  • Sven Segeren
  • Scott Penman
  • Iwan Achterberg
  • Louise Tanguy
  • Nick Jones
  • Jennifer Hutchinson
  • Kirsten Bradley
  • Luca Fumagalli


  • Corey Reicker
  • Moniek Slokkers
  • Gijsbert de Wit
  • Kayleigh Melsted


  • Harry de Bruijn (Team Captain)
  • Michel Bex
  • Lars de Haas


  • Rens van Groezen
  • Alexander van der Himst


  • Naomi van Putten


  • Jos Graumans
  • Kees Boshuis


  • Laura Mititelu
  • Senka Vuckovic
  • Mariska Scheijbeler
  • Aleksandra Kuljic
  • Dolf Metheuver
  • Kees van der Weele