Mammoet supports Red Cross using internal crowdfunding

Mammoet, the world’s leader in providing solutions for lifting, transportation, installation and decommissioning of large and heavy structures, participates in the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Partner Program. Mammoet employees can initiate fundraising drives through a Red Cross website with direct links to social media in the event of a natural disaster. This program provides Mammoet employees the opportunity to donate to the Red Cross directly or to organize sponsorship events that benefit the Red Cross. Mammoet has committed to participate in the Red Cross Disaster Relief Partner Program at least twice a year.

As part of this partnership with the Red Cross, Mammoet and other participating Dutch companies have also donated to immediate disaster relief preparations that ensure the Red Cross’ emergency response readiness should a natural disaster happen. These preparations include volunteer training, logistical readiness and access to funds so that the Red Cross can provide immediate assistance to victims of natural disasters worldwide.

Jan Kleijn, chief executive officer of Mammoet commented, “Mammoet is proud to participate in this important initiative and energize its workforce around it. As corporate citizens, Mammoet employees already support a large number of charities. Our global presence solidifies our commitment to helping others in need. This is why Mammoet has chosen to join the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Partner Program.”