Mammoet is experienced in mobilizing rapidly in emergency scenarios on land and at sea, with a focus on safely restoring normal activity as soon as possible.

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Mammoet is experienced in mobilizing rapidly in emergency scenarios on land and at sea, with a focus on safely restoring normal activity as soon as possible.

Minimizing impacts

The increasing scale of ships and ports, offshore platforms, onshore power plants and refineries, as well as transport infrastructure, means that any emergency situation can have a large scale and far-reaching impact. An unexpected event can pose a threat to lives, the environment, power supplies, commerce and communities and carries financial implications for public and private stakeholders.

In many emergency situations, heavy lifting and transport expertise have a key role to play. A rapid and effective response aimed at securing lives, protecting the environment and saving assets is essential. With equipment and engineering teams at locations around the world, Mammoet has built up a bank of experience assisting in emergency operations. Our ability to mobilize and execute lifting and transport operations swiftly with specific attention to safety and the environment means Mammoet can play a vital role in the response.

Infrastructure reinstatement

Even with the best planning, infrastructure and civil construction projects can face unforeseen events. When a new bridge section slipped from its piers into the river at Bayonne, France, in 2012, Mammoet was called on to salvage the 360-ton structure. After transporting the required equipment to the site, Mammoet raised the bridge using floating sheerlegs and it was inspected for damage. Once repaired, the bridge was re-installed by Mammoet. What began as a rapid response operation turned into a construction project with Mammoet completing the bridge for the client.

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Safe and swift solutions

Mammoet has the equipment and the specialist skills to assist power companies when unexpected outages occur. From issues at generator plants through to problems affecting distribution networks, the focus is always on returning the supply to customers as quickly as possible. Through service level agreements, operators can ensure that Mammoet’s heavy lifting and transport equipment, along with experienced teams, are prepared in advance to carry out emergency change-outs of plant components, transformer stations, and more.

Clients in the petrochemical sector can arrange similar agreements. When the emergency repair or replacement of plant components is required, Mammoet can be at the ready. In some cases, our logistics coordinators can even work with local transport authorities to ensure permits are in place so that when large and heavy components on the site need to be exchanged, abnormal loads can be moved without undue delays.

Specific knowledge of various kinds of power plants and petrochemical facilities, as well as local transport regulations and infrastructural constraints, helps Mammoet respond effectively to situations in these sectors. In addition, our teams often have up-to-date safety credentials for clients’ facilities, which further shortens the time it takes to get experienced heavy lifting and transport teams working on the solution.

Vast experience and reliable equipment

On land and at sea, Mammoet has built up many decades of experience responding to a range of complex scenarios requiring the rapid removal of wrecks and the restoration of assets. Structures have included ships, trains, bridges, power and petrochemical facilities, commercial buildings and even radio and TV towers.

When a situation arises, there is no single type of equipment that will resolve the issue. Each situation requires a specific combination of tools and engineering capability. Mammoet has an unparalleled fleet of equipment at its disposal, from cranes in the 5000-ton class through to push up systems, trailers, self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs), skidding systems and more. With Mammoet’s unique engineering capabilities, various tools and techniques can be combined to find the most effective solution in an emergency scenario.

Our state-of-the-art fleet is subject to strict maintenance schedules, ensuring reliability and safety at all times. This combination of equipment, experience and expertise enables Mammoet to react quickly and effectively, developing and executing response plans safely and efficiently. Across industries and for both public and private sector clients, Mammoet is ready to respond to any emergency requiring our heavy lifting and transport expertise.