By managing all of a project’s heavy lifting and transport activities, Mammoet’s site-wide services help make construction safer, faster and more cost-effective.

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By managing all of a project’s heavy lifting and transport activities, Mammoet’s site-wide services help make construction safer, faster and more cost-effective.

Optimizing construction processes

Large construction projects are highly complex operations. Multiple activities have to be performed by a diverse range of contractors and subcontractors, either in parallel or in sequence, making it difficult to manage the critical path. However, in nearly every construction project, engineered heavy lifting and transport services lie on that critical path. The transport and installation of large and heavy components are key to construction schedules, therefore a well planned and executed heavy lifting and transport operation can deliver efficiencies and cost savings for the entire project.

Each contractor on a site works according to their own scope of tasks and schedule, deploying their own equipment for lifting and transport, and employing people to operate it. However, their individual efforts are generally not aimed at the overall efficiency of the project or the optimum utilization of resources. For instance, three contractors might bring three similar-sized cranes to the site, each with a crew, and each crane will carry out a small number of lifts and remain idle for much of the construction period. Not only does this increase project costs and lead to underutilization of equipment, it adds to congestion on site and increases safety risks.

Shortening the critical path

An alternative, beneficial option is to take all the heavy lifting and transport activities out of the scope of individual contractors, putting them under the responsibility of a single heavy lifting and transport specialist. This contractor can focus on optimizing heavy lifting and transport work across the site and, with a broad overview of the project’s plans and engineering, can recognize opportunities for efficiency gains. For instance, where one crane and crew can replace three, reducing cost and congestion.

Mammoet’s site-wide construction services are designed to achieve greater efficiency and shorten timelines across the project. We engineer, plan, manage and execute all heavy lifting and transport activities necessary for a construction project. For that, we link all contractor project schedules to find opportunities for planning efficiencies. Then we develop one, overall project schedule that prioritizes critical path elements of the construction process. Our unparalleled global fleet of equipment and extensive experience ensures Mammoet will safely carry out the delivery of oversized and heavy items, unload goods, plus lift and install components, in the most efficient way for our clients.

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Improving quality

By supporting our clients, and all the other contractors on-site, a heavy lifting and transport specialist like Mammoet can improve the quality of the construction process. With all heavy lifting and transport requirements across a site handled by Mammoet, individual contractors can focus on their core skills and responsibilities. In addition, Mammoet can plan and coordinate equipment and expertise and streamline the execution of all necessary heavy lifting and transport activities. For the developer, this relieves many of the headaches caused by the complexity of the project. Having one point of contact for all heavy lifting and transport ensures clear lines of responsibility - saving management time and reducing risk.

Lower costs

One team that operates all the equipment means fewer operators on site and labor costs are reduced. Less equipment is needed, meaning better utilization, adding even more to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Standardization of job preparation and execution leads to increased safety and efficiency. Finally, less equipment also reduces the costs associated with mobilization and demobilization.

Maximum efficiency, minimum cranes

On CB&I’s oil refinery project in Cartagena, Colombia, Mammoet managed all overland transport, inland shipping and on-site heavy lifting to optimize the construction process. With over 120 cranes on site, a 900-ton gantry lift system, 144 axle lines of SPMT and 48 lines of conventional hydraulic trailers, Mammoet even brought its own maintenance facility to ensure the optimal running of all equipment. In addition, the 150 Mammoet professionals on site met the highest safety standards. The result was a refinery that went online ahead of schedule, enabling its owner to begin seeing a return on investment on the project earlier than expected.

Decreasing time to market

Mining companies often aim to have installations up and running as quickly as possible in order to benefit from exposure to high commodity prices. When Detour was establishing a mine in Northern Ontario, Canada, the company realized that having multiple contractors each with their own equipment would increase costs and reduce on-site efficiency. To remedy this, and to ensure the company’s goldmine would open on time, Mammoet was contacted to take charge of all heavy lifting work. Mammoet supplied all the cranes required for the mine’s construction, carrying out jobs for the range of contractors on site and ensuring the highest safety standards and optimal utilization of equipment.

Efficiency and safety

Mammoet has the largest and most modern fleet of heavy lifting and transport equipment in the world. The fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs, ensuring its reliability and safety. But it is not only our equipment that optimizes the execution of a site-wide construction approach. Mammoet’s operators and project managers have extensive global experience, gained from a wide variety of construction projects. Our professionals have been trained to work according to the strictest standards with an extensive understanding of complex, multi-party construction projects.

It is this combination of state-of-the-art equipment with specialized expertise that means Mammoet’s site-wide construction services deliver major efficiency gains for our clients. Optimizing utilization of all lifting and transport equipment, increasing on-site safety and bringing forward deadlines.