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Heavy transport

With an unparalleled range of equipment available, Mammoet can provide a cost-effective and safe approach for the transport of heavy and oversized objects.

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Bigger dimensions and heavier weights

In many industries, plants are being constructed at ever-larger scales. The same trend is seen in civil construction projects, where infrastructures continue to increase in size. These changes require that ever larger and heavier objects – such as components, prefabricated modules and infrastructural elements like bridges – are fabricated, transported and installed. As a consequence, the requirements for transport services are changing, and service providers must accommodate bigger dimensions and heavier weights while adhering to increasingly higher safety standards. The right transport solutions meet these needs and can help optimize construction schedules and, in many cases, move deadlines forward.

Longstanding expertise

Mammoet's roots are in transportation: the original company from which Mammoet eventually emerged was founded in 1807, when a visionary entrepreneur foresaw increasing demand for the transportation of heavy loads. Since then, Mammoet has developed a deep global expertise in virtually every type of heavy transport in any circumstance across the world.

Unique equipment

Our modern fleet of transport equipment is unparalleled in range and capacity, encompassing everything from conventional trailers and barges to skidding systems and SPMTs. Furthermore, our fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs that uphold the highest standards of reliability and safety.

We were very pleased with our partnership with Mammoet. The success and positive impact to the El Segundo Refinery and the surrounding communities will last for many years to come.

Michael Crosby, Construction Manager at Chevron

Safely moving deadlines forward

But all this capacity is just one part of the story. Mammoet experts find ways to optimize planning and procedures across the whole chain of activities. Creative engineering and careful planning determine the safe journey of the components or modules involved. This includes performing detailed route surveys to identify any possible bottlenecks along the way and countering these with safe and effective solutions. Once the engineering and planning have been done, Mammoet’s services cover the entire transportation process from start to finish, including the lifting, transport, installation and/or removal of heavy structures. Thus, Mammoet’s transport services help customers speed up time to market and increase productivity and cost-effectiveness. In every way, Mammoet helps customers move forward.

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