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Sitewide construction

By managing all lifting and transport activities necessary for a construction project, Mammoet’s site wide construction services help make construction safer, faster and more cost-effective.

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Optimization of the whole

Constructing plants in heavy industries is complex, with multiple activities simultaneously performed by diverse contractors and subcontractors. Each contractor works according to their own scope of tasks and schedule, deploying their own equipment for lifting and transport and employing the people to operate it. However, their individual efforts are generally not aimed at overall project efficiency and optimum utilization of resources – often leading to situations where too much lifting and transport equipment is on site, under-utilized and causing congestion. Most importantly, a lack of coordinated lifting and transport activities may bring about a suboptimization of safety. An alternative is to take all heavy lifting and transport activities out of the scope of individual contractors, and to put them under the responsibility of a single heavy lift and transport contractor. This serves the overall objective of the entire project: to bring the plant online safely, cost effectively and as quickly as possible.

Single point of construction management

Mammoet’s site-wide construction services are designed to achieve just that: we engineer, plan, manage and execute all lifting and transport activities necessary for a construction project. For that, we link all contractor project schedules, find opportunities for planning efficiencies and develop one overall project schedule. In close partnership with the site owner, priorities, equipment requirements and risk management plans are assessed. One pool of equipment and professionals is then put at the project’s disposal for the safe execution of all lifting and transport activities on site.

It’s about overall project efficiency and optimal utilization of resources.

Focus and simplification

Mammoet’s approach cuts both ways: the overall interest of the project is safeguarded and each contractor involved is able to focus on his core responsibilities, having all necessary equipment and services with regard to heavy lifting and transport at their disposal. There are more advantages with this approach: a single point of management means communication is simplified. One team that operates all equipment means fewer operators are on site and labor costs are reduced. Moreover, standardization of job preparation and execution leads to increased safety and efficiency. Also, less equipment is needed, which means better utilization, adding even more to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Last, but not least, less equipment reduces costs associated with mobilization and demobilization.

Efficiency and safety

Mammoet has the largest and most modern fleet of lifting and transportation equipment in the world. This fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs, safeguarding its reliability and safety. Mammoet’s operators and project managers have deep expertise in a variety of construction projects all around the world. They have been trained to work according to the strictest safety standards with an extensive understanding of complex, multi-party construction projects. This is demonstrated in Mammoet’s site-wide construction services that optimize utilization of all lifting and transport equipment, increase safety and ensure productivity of the plant on or ahead of schedule.

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