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Offshore wind

Mammoet helps to make offshore wind farms commercially viable, by delivering services and solutions that optimize construction and transport methods.

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Optimizing the supply chain

The construction of offshore wind farms presents several logistical challenges, including the high costs of offshore installation and the time pressure of weather windows. In order to optimize the utilization of offshore installation vessels, the supply chain needs to be well organized. Different components need to be collected, stored, loaded, and transported for installation at sea. By combining these activities and creating optimal component packages, construction time and costs are reduced.

Mammoet works in close cooperation with its clients to optimize logistics and construction for offshore wind farms.

Reducing time and costs

Mammoet applies its longstanding experience in both the on and offshore wind industries to the optimization of supply chain logistics for offshore wind construction. With our large and wide fleet of equipment, our expertise in safely handling and transporting oversized loads, and our experience in operating terminals, we support our customers every step of the way while reducing the time and costs associated with offshore wind installation.

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