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15 September 2016

Mammoet rapidly installs tunnel in Warsaw

Mammoet has successfully completed the installation of the second section for the TK tunnel in Warsaw, Poland on Monday. By using a rapid placement technique, Mammoet, STRABAG and a group of local subsidiaries saved travelers in Warsaw months of delays.

rapid replacement technique saves travelers months of delays 

Rapid replacement
Mammoet’s suggestion to use an approach that resembles a rapid bridge replacement has attracted a lot of attention from both local and national administrators in Poland. 

During a rapid bridge replacement, the replacement bridge is constructed on a site near the existing bridge and the existing bridge is removed only after construction of its replacement has been completed. Once the replacement is ready, the old bridge is taken out and the new bridge is installed, keeping the amount of time that the bridge cannot be used to a minimum.

In this project, the tunnel section was constructed on a site near the railway. Once the 3,200 ton tunnel section was ready for installation, part of the railway was removed and the tunnel section was transported to its final destination using 104 axle lines of Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). 

Preventing months of delays
The application of this approach – a first in Poland – allowed the tunnel section to be installed with only 18 days of disruption to train services, with the transportation of the tunnel section in only two hours. A traditional approach would have caused travelers months of delays.

The installation of the second tunnel section marks the end of this project for Mammoet. Mammoet also installed the first tunnel section in June of this year.

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