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20 May 2015

Mammoet nominated for 2015 Mayor’s Awards

Every year the City of Edmonton recognizes employers, businesses or organizations who have provided opportunity and support for employment or volunteer positions for one or more persons with disabilities. This year Mammoet is honoured to have been nominated by Chrysalis, an Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities, for this Award.

Winners will be announced at the Mayor’s Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at the City Room, City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square 7-8pm. Everyone welcome.

Starting May 2014 Mammoet Canada Western contracted Chrysalis for two full time positions for individuals with disabilities and one full time position for a Community Disability Professional as Supervisor for a project to enhance Mammoet’s waste management and recycling program in Edmonton, which is one of the company’s global sustainability initiatives.

The Chrysalis team collects the presorted waste and recyclable items and does the final sorting by placing the items in the appropriate bins before they are taken off-site for disposal or recycling.

Mammoet employees and managers worked closely with Chrysalis to understand and adapt the tasks to the abilities of the individuals and identified and removed potential barriers so that now these individuals are an integral part of Mammoet’s diverse workforce.

Today the enthusiasm these individuals bring to the execution of their daily tasks brings a positive impact to the entire workforce. Their commitment to Mammoet and appreciation to work for a large global company is evident. The Chrysalis group and Mammoet employees are one team where the people interact through their day to day jobs as well as on a social level around the coffee machine and in the lunch room.

Mammoet values to perform as a team; building on each other’s strengths and stepping up when help is needed. We are proud to move as one.

Click here to view nomination video.

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