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06 May 2014

Rapid response in power industry

Over the years Mammoet has been involved in numerous rapid response projects. Whilst Mammoet would like to give as much detail as possible regarding the approach and the solutions we are constrained in disclosing confidential or highly sensitive information for obvious reasons. Therefore only a brief description is given.

Generator removal power plant
In a power plant a 65 T generator fell 15 meter due to the breakdown of an overhead crane. Mammoet was contacted and came up with the solution to open up the roof and free and stabilize the generator by lifting it with a 1200T Crane. The overhead crane was disassembled and a skidding track was installed. Finally the generator was pulled out. The project was finished within 5 working days after the breakdown.

Exchange Generator Nuclear Power Plant
In a nuclear plant a 400T generator/stator and a 200T rotor had to be exchanged as quickly as possible.

Mammoet was awarded the transport, the unloading and the exchange of the generator and rotor. The engineered solution, time plan, quote and confirmation of availability of equipment were submitted within 48 hours. The special gantry system was mobilized and set up in 7 days instead of the 10 days planned.

Exchange of damaged nacell windturbine
In a wind park a nacelle of a wind turbine got damaged and rapid response was required.

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