From low-capacity mobile cranes to over 1,000 tonne crawlers, Mammoet’s rental services help projects to deliver safely and on schedule.

Crane rental services that supports safe, timely projects 

At Mammoet, we know that every second a load stands still means lower output, more downtime, lower cost-efficiency. This is true, no matter the size of the business. Crane rental helps to get the job done quickly, safely and under budget – whether installing a single AC unit, or building an entire refinery.   

The right crane rental partner responds quickly to peaks and troughs of demand to keep productivity high. When emergencies occur, a single phone call should rescue the situation and get things moving again.   

With over a thousand cranes located all over the world, we are always close enough to get your world moving again.  

The support of industry experts to streamline your project

Renting with Mammoet means access to some of the industry’s finest heavy lift experts. When you get in touch with us, we will discuss your plans with you, helping you to choose the right equipment for your project and make recommendations for how this can help to optimise delivery.  

Our crane rental service includes both and operator and rigging colleagues. Often, they have decades of experience working across heavy industry projects around the world, allowing you to benefit from this knowledge.  

So, no matter if you are undertaking a construction, installation or maintenance project, our team will understand the challenges specific to your project and provide the right solution. 

Crane rental close to you

We can provide equipment for hire by the hour, or deliver a fully engineered service, including supervision and riggers. Get in contact with the Mammoet branch closer to you.

The industry’s best choice of quality equipment 

Mammoet offers the world’s largest crane rental fleet, including mobile cranes, all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, and more. This equipment is strategically located at over 100 depots worldwide, so that mobilization can take place quickly, no matter how remote the site or urgent the need.  

All Mammoet equipment is rented with the assurance that it is serviced and maintained to the very highest standards. Through the Mammoet Academy, all crane operation staff share one way of working, no matter where they are in the world, raising levels of site safety.   

A further range of equipment including trucks, specialized trailers, gantry lifting systems, and more are also available to rent.