Keep it safe. Keep it private.

Mammoet is committed to protecting personal data. In our privacy statement, we describe why and how we collect and use personal data, providing information about individuals' rights.

Protecting personal data

Mammoet, together with the other SHV Groups, has two key messages about working with personal data:

  • Personal data needs to be well protected. Keep it safe.
  • Personal data can only be shared on a need-to-know basis. Keep it private.

These messages are strongly supported by the Executive Board of Management.



People are more and more aware that companies are processing large quantities of their personal data. They are entitled to transparency on how Mammoet keeps their personal data safe and private. 

Privacy codes 

To ensure we keep personal data safe and private, Mammoet and the other SHV Groups are jointly issuing ‘privacy codes’. They contain guiding principles for everyone who works with personal data. One code refers to the personal data of clients, suppliers and business partners, and the other one to employee data.

For more information, please contact the Group Privacy team:



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