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We help the world to grow

About us

Mammoet provides solutions to any heavy lifting or transport challenge. We aim to develop long term relationships with our clients in order to understand their businesses and challenges. By working closely with our partners, we realize the most efficient and cost-effective approaches.

We have a unique global network and an unparalleled fleet of equipment. Our extensive engineering expertise and high quality and safety standards deliver value to a wide breadth of industry sectors and projects. Clients trust us to help them achieve feats that were once considered impossible, and we have often broken records in doing so.

Some dream about a future that is Smarter, Safer and Stronger. We actually build it.

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... safely and efficiently and move to a more sustainable future

Populations increase, all over the World. They live and work together and grow their economies. They improve their standards of living. They enjoy life. They strive to resolve dilemmas, big and small. They innovate. They transform their societies. They wish to contribute and have meaningful lives. To grow in sustainable ways. To be in harmony with the societies they live in. They share hope for a better world.

Wherever there is growth, there is need for energy, power, raw materials, infrastructure. Helping to meet those needs is a World in itself.

It is the World of Mammoet.

In this World, it is our purpose to lift, transport, install and decommission big objects so that our customers can grow and maintain their production capacities and infrastructures in the safest and most efficient ways possible.

We believe that our activities significantly help customers in their growing need for productivity and continuity, through creative engineering, careful planning and safe execution. For that, we continuously raise the standards of our profession.

Yet we also believe that our contribution stretches beyond engineered heavy lifting and transport. We are part of an industry that provides meaningful jobs to hundreds of thousands of people and significantly affects societies everywhere. We want our employees to enjoy their working lives and grow as professionals and persons. We want our performance to be in harmony with the communities we may work in and interact with. And we strive to, ultimately, eliminate any negative impact on the environments we operate in.

It is our contribution to a growing World.

Smart and safe

Our services are focused on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering, power generation and offshore projects.

The logistic challenges in these industries are growing daily. Factors such as remote locations, harsh climates, and a strong emphasis on the environment are constantly driving us towards smarter and safer solutions. For over two hundred years, we have been known for the unique capability of our state-of-the-art equipment. But it’s the trust of our clients that has brought us where we are today. Their confidence inspires 7,000 Mammoet professionals to give it their all each day and truly make a difference in projects all over the world.

Mammoet’s services in Engineered Heavy Lifting and Transport comprise:

• Heavy lifting services
• Heavy transport services
• Plant turnaround / shutdown management
• Site-wide construction services
• Modular construction
• Factory-to-Foundation / logistics
• Rapid response
• Relocation and decommissioning
• Trading in new and used equipment worldwide

From left to right: Paul van Gelder, Jan Kleijn, Ivonne Verlinde, Tim Tieleman

Board members

Paul van Gelder

Chief Executive Officer

Paul van Gelder (1969) started his career in 1988 in the Royal Netherlands Navy. From 2004, he worked in the leadership of several companies active in the Oil & Gas industry, including BP, Nederlandse Gasunie and technical service provider Imtech. In 2016, Paul joined SHV, becoming a member of the board of Eriks. As of September 2017 he joined Mammoet’s Executive Board.

Jan Kleijn

Chief Operating Officer

Jan Kleijn (1968) joined Mammoet in 1997 as Manager Operations and Logistics. In 2000 he was appointed Director of Operations & Engineering for the European region. In 2001 he played a leading role in the technical team that successfully raised the Russian nuclear submarine The Kursk that had sunk in the Barents Sea after an explosion. From 2006 – 2011 Jan Kleijn was Managing Director of Mammoet USA, after which he became Chief Executive Officer of Mammoet Holding.

Ivonne Verlinde

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ivonne Verlinde (1972) started her career in 1995 working as an industrial engineer in international leadership roles in technical business-to-business settings, mostly for family owned companies. Her focus is working with teams to drive growth and performance improvement. She worked for Den Oudsten Bussen (bus manufacturer), Booz Allen Hamilton (strategy consultancy) and Pon Equipment and Pon Power (Caterpillar dealership). She joined SHV in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer for Eriks. As of July 2019 Ivonne joined Mammoet’s Executive Board.

Tim Tieleman

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Tieleman (1980) started his career as a strategy consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he served a variety of customers in the heavy (equipment) industry and the financial services sector. Tim joined Mammoet Holding in 2014 and transferred to our Houston-based operations as Finance Director for the Americas region. After serving as Director Internal Audit at SHV, Tim re-joined Mammoet as CFO in 2021.

At Mammoet our strength is the team

We serve our customers by moving large and heavy objects. We love the challenge of pushing boundaries and creating new possibilities. But it’s not just the power of our equipment or our smart thinking that makes us so strong. It’s the contribution of each and every member of the team, a group of dynamic and diverse individuals from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Together, we move the world towards a brighter future.

Our team shares a bond built on trust. This shared culture creates the space in which we achieve exceptional things. We drive our industry forward with our smarter ways of working and strive to make the world a better place by operating more safely and sustainably. We do this by working according to our five values:

Love the work

Working at Mammoet is not just any other job. Here we have a deep commitment to the work we do and a desire to excel. We use our craftsmanship and talents to continuously improve. We love the challenges of the industry and the equipment that comes with it. Across all disciplines, ages and cultures, one common theme is that together we all feel we are part of something bigger and stronger than ourselves. We share a love for our work.

Results count

We are willing to take on tremendous challenges. Our desire is to achieve things that nobody believes to be possible. For us, it is not just about accepting the challenge, but about delivering the desired results. We go the extra mile, and then the extra inch. Whether in safety performance, or reducing environmental impacts, in building teams or in getting a contract, executing the job or in making a profit. At Mammoet our results count.

Take care

We care about people, the planet and our performance. Safety is our top priority, after a day’s work we want everybody to return home unharmed. We are fair with people, we work with integrity, provide clear feedback and recognize results. We contribute to the communities that we work in and lead our industry with our approach to sustainability. We care about our results and the way in which we achieve them.

Be responsible

Mammoet is an international company with a long-established reputation. We set standards and drive development. Each of us has specific responsibilities and must stand for our work. Jointly we are responsible for the sustainable future of our company, and for meeting legal, industry and Mammoet standards. We are honest and speak up when it is for the benefit of the company. We listen and act if required. We all step up and take responsibility.

Perform as a team

Our customers demand excellent performance; and so do we. We believe this can only be achieved through team effort, when we all take an active role in the team and contribute our best. In a team, diversity drives performance; people build on each other’s strengths and step up to compensate shortcomings. We welcome people into our team, look out for one another, speak honestly to each other and work together with integrity and trust. Our strength is the team.

From then to now

On May 13, 1807, Dutch entrepreneur Jan Goedkoop starts his own maritime company. Later that century, the Gebroeders Goedkoop launch towing operations from Amsterdam Harbor.


The Van Seumeren Kraanbedrijf crane rental business was founded. The family business would be pivotal in the growth and professionalization of the global market for heavy lifting and transport.


The companies Gebroeders Goedkoop and Van Wezel merged to former Mammoet Transport, the following year acquiring Stoof Breda, one of the leading Dutch heavy transport companies.


Mammoet develops a revolutionary container-sized Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT), now widely used industry-standard equipment.

ALE was founded by Roger Harries. A majority of its work was undertaken from Hixon, UK, providing transport and heavy lifting to the conventional power generation sector.


ALE opened a branch in Abu Dhabi, serving the oil gas, and power industries in the UAE. It would later establish key engineering innovation hubs in Breda and Madrid. 


Mammoet raised the Russian nuclear submarine wreck Kursk, using over 3,000t of tailor-made equipment.


ALE transported Concorde GBOAA from London to Scotland using SPMTs and a multi-purpose barge.


ALE launched the world's largest capacity land-based crane at the time, the SK190, which would go on to spawn the SK350 and SK10,000, with capacities of 5,000t and 10,000t respectively. 


The Mega Jack was launched. This system changed construction in the offshore industry, and holds the record for heaviest lift at 43,475t.


ALE makes its last acquisition - of Dutch offshore services firm Conbit - growing to its final size, employing around 1,800 people across 40 branches worldwide.


ALE completed a string of high-profile projects: the UK's heaviest crane lift at Earl's Court, London; the launch of the RSS Sir David Attenborough and roof installation at Mordavia Arena, 2018 FIFA World Cup venue.

Two legacies become one

Mammoet joined forces with UK-based engineered heavy lifting company ALE, forming the largest engineered heavy lifting and transport company in the world

A family-owned company

Mammoet is part of SHV, a family-owned company with a strong position in a number of operational areas and selected investment activities and a focus on long term sustainable growth.

The SHV Groups, (SHV Energy, Makro, Mammoet, ERIKS, Nutreco, NPM Capital and ONE-Dyas) are active in 58 countries. The decentralised organisation ensures the diversified businesses can operate close to their customers and maintain loyal customer relationships.

The 55,000 people of SHV are at the heart of the organisation and embody its values, support the culture and build the company’s success. SHV’s most important values are integrity and trust. Integrity means being honest, genuine and totally open in communications about all matters which concern the company. SHV trusts its people to put their best effort into working for the company, its progress and achieving success within their capabilities and in line with the SHV values.

The corporate philosophy outlines the shared values, ensuring every employee, customer and supplier knows what SHV stands for.

For more information about the SHV Family of Companies, visit the website