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  • Bridge installation

    When a new bridge needs to be installed, the focus is to limit the disruption to local populations and businesses. Learn how Mammoet’s heavy lifting and transport expertise enables low-impact construction methods to get the city moving again quickly. 

  • Prefabricated construction

    Prefabricated construction techniques reduce the scope of work at the building site, minimizing disruption and allowing construction companies to benefit from more cost-effective, specialist fabricators located anywhere in the world. 

  • Tunnel boring machine transport

    Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are at the heart of some of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects. The best route must be found to deliver TBMs to busy locations and lower them into the ground with minimal disruption. 

Reducing disruption by building big with a small footprint 

As populations grow, civil engineering takes place in increasingly confined spaces, within tightening regulation, for a wider group of stakeholders. Construction companies are under particular pressure to deliver projects with the lowest possible carbon impact.  

With hundreds or thousands of people involved in major projects, careful management is required to ensure all resources are fully utilized. This avoids costly time or budget overruns, for which there can often be heavy penalties.   

Despite this, work must continue to ensure the least possible disruption to vital transport and communications networks – even when realizing the most spectacular designs.  

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Transportation and assembly of the world's longest airside bridge

Enabling the global toolkit needed to build effectively  

Successful projects reduce work done on site, fabricating structures where it is most convenient, cost-effective and safe to do so. This means key structural elements can be built in parallel, de-risking the critical path.  

Modules are then brought to site only when they need to be installed, during a single coordinated assembly phase planned to cause the least disruption. Designing modules with their transport in mind shortens closure windows further, as faster routes can be found across land and water.  

Strong relationships with key shipping, port and government authorities allow smooth passage from global fabricators to project site, with all transport planned to protect the schedule. 

The right tools to build safely and minimize disruption

We help construction companies to fabricate, assemble and decommission a range of large civil structures including bridges, tunnels, airports, stadiums and other large buildings. We handle the entire global logistics scope.

Large jacking, skidding and ballasting equipment is used to load-out prefabricated modules for seaborne transport. SPMT transporters are often used for transport to the installation location following load-in; with route-finding via technologies such as LIDAR  

Bridges are installed using jacking and SPMT trailer, or over water via barge, winches and large jacking systems. Custom gantry systems are built to lower or raise heavy equipment, for example tunnel boring machines.  

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