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Heavy lifting and transport provides opportunities for project optimization, reducing downtime and maximizing uptime, for the metals and mining industries.

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Increasing productivity for mining

Mammoet’s heavy lifting and transport services realize more efficient construction and logistics processes for new mining capacity, renewal of existing facilities and transport of mining equipment.

Heavy transport for mining efficiency

Mammoet’s expertise in heavy lifting and transport means we are capable of moving large and heavy modules or mining equipment in ways that cut costs and maximize uptime. Working with Mammoet, a dragline weighing thousands of tons can be moved in one piece from deposit to deposit or a mining module preassembled off-site and transported to a remote location.

Mining facilities are often located where construction of new processing equipment is not an easy task. Larger components and modular construction technologies reduce onsite construction activities, but the timely supply of components or modules, and the on-site lifting and installation of these objects, present a challenge in remote locations. By working with Mammoet early in the planning stage, infrastructural bottlenecks can be identified and overcome. Pickups at the fabrication yard, transport to the site, and onsite storage and logistics are carefully planned and coordinated to reduce downtime and save costs.

Minimizing downtime

In mining operations, downtime for large and heavy equipment has financial and operational consequences that are felt throughout the entire production chain. Efficiency is critical when assembling , relocating or dismantling large piece of equipment for maintenance and overhauls. Mammoet is able to plan all the logistics for complex moves, find innovative ways of loading and moving oversized machinery. This capability extends to processing equipment, rock trucks, shovels, and more. Our experience supporting mining operations throughout the world, means we do this safely and with all the local transport authority permits. With Mammoet, months of downtime are shaved from production schedules making it cost effective to mine deposits that were previously too small to consider. Through creative engineering and operational insights, we continually develop new approaches for the assembly, maintenance and relocation of key equipment- improving uptime of operations while reducing time and costs.

Optimizing uptime

Mammoet has a long history of successfully executing a range of mining projects. We move deadlines forward and optimize construction time by drawing on our operational expertise and utilizing a large and diverse fleet of equipment. We offer safe and smart lifting and transport approaches for both modular construction projects and the supply and installation of large and heavy components. Modern mines use a range of heavy components and Mammoet is instrumental in moving them from the factory to mine sites during construction and upgrade projects. Drawing on our construction expertise, and with a fleet of heavy lifting and transport equipment as well as highly skilled operators, we can manage all the heavy lifting and transport tasks across a complex mine expansion or construction project. This protects the critical path, offers efficiencies in terms of workforce and utilization of equipment, and ultimately means the mine can be up and producing on, or even ahead, of schedule. 

Optimization for the metals industry

Mammoet’s heavy lifting and transport expertise and equipment optimize productivity for the metals industry by safely and efficiently installing, replacing or maintaining facilities and large plant components.

Keeping the metals industry on schedule

Mammoet works closely with clients in foundries, metal processing plants and on metal mines throughout the world. Across a variety of sites, application of our expertise and equipment means that the large and heavy components used in this industry can be lifted, loaded, moved and installed quickly, safely and efficiently. Often in difficult conditions or remote locations. Through working with Mammoet our clients in the metals industry are able to keep their projects on schedule, maximizing the uptime of their facilities and reducing the overall cost of construction, upgrades or expansion projects.

Specialized equipment and expertise

Mammoet’s unparalleled fleet of modern, well-maintained heavy lifting equipment is only one factor in the equation. The other is the experience and expertise of our engineers and equipment operators. Whether we are moving prefabricated construction units and processing components for a nickel mine in northern Canada or removing and replacing a blast furnace reactor weighing hundreds of tons in the Netherlands, we combine our equipment with engineering know-how to solve the trickiest heavy lifting and transport scenarios.

With creative engineering and experienced logistical planning, Mammoet overcomes difficult climates, narrow roads, natural obstacles and transfers from land to water to keep your project on schedule. Our approach to handling loads optimizes the use of heavy transport equipment. Once on-site, we find lifting solutions using our global pool of specialized equipment, including in-house designed cranes, jack-up systems and gantries, that offer efficient installation methods, even in tight and congested spaces.

Safe and efficient

By working with Mammoet, metal industry clients see the benefit of our detailed engineering approach in which safety is the number one priority. Our ability to plan and execute heavy lifting and transport operations efficiently and on schedule not only reduces direct costs but means that uptime at mines and metal works can be maximized, directly supporting productivity, revenue streams and the bottom line.

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