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  • Vessel replacement

    With nuclear power plants designed to operate for 30-40 years, ongoing replacement programs are needed - but each plant's infrastructure is unique. A site-specific, integrated solution is important for a safe, fast turnaround with low downtime

  • Nuclear decommissioning

    With all work taking place in tight, indoor spaces subject to intense regulation, nuclear decommissioning requires years of engineering to innovate custom solutions that get the job done on schedule and safely. 

  • Steam generator replacement

    Aging nuclear plant infrastructure makes replacement of large components like steam generators highly complex. To minimize downtime and maximize safety, planning is the key.

Cutting-edge engineering to keep nuclear plants productive 

Nuclear power plant construction is a highly complex logistical exercise, as components fabricated in worldwide centers of expertise must be brought to site at the right time, in the right order. Smart management of this process allows more work to be done in parallel, bringing the date of first power forward.  

Maintenance of existing facilities is similarly challenging, as nuclear facilities are often unique and were not designed with changeouts in mind. Smart engineering overcomes physical obstacles but also reduces overall downtime and its affect on the bottom line.   

All of this work must be performed to the strictest regulatory and compliance standards, with significant public scrutiny. Therefore, safety must be the number one priority at all times.   

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Steam converters removed from nuclear power plant with extreme precision

Building nuclear power plants wherever the skillsets are 

Modular construction techniques allow nuclear power projects to realize large cost benefits. These facilities can be fabricated where the right expertise is plentiful and cost-effective, and they can be built in parallel, shortening the critical path.  

To enable this, we integrate all factory-to-foundation logistics – using our relationships with shipping agencies, global ports and other transport authorities to create a smooth path. Where the terrain is remote or infrastructure poor, we use digital technologies to establish the safest route for delicate cargoes.  

Highly complex, facility-specific engineering is needed to replace and decommission nuclear components – projects that often span years.  

Custom engineering systems to match the tightest spaces 

Mammoet handles the entire logistics scope for the world’s largest megaprojects, from load-out to shipping; load-in to the final kilometer. Our range of ring cranes, with capacities up to 5,000t, can be utilized to construct modular facilities, reducing handling, integration, disruption, and working at height.  

Projects benefit from the largest fleet of SPMT trailers on the planet, distributed for delivery to any global location, no matter how remote. Our LIDAR scanning equipment surveys routes, but can also scan facility interiors to find the shortest extraction path.  

Compound tilting, skidding and gantry systems combine to complete even the most challenging lifts.  

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