Safety First
A focus on safety

Safety First

At the forefront of Mammoet’s daily operations is our commitment to safety. It is our priority to see that everyone returns home safe at the end of every day.

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Mammoet’s approach to safety has led to safety records that stand out as the best in the industry.

Mammoet’s teams work to the highest safety standards possible. We are committed to the safety of our people, contractors, subcontractors, customers and surrounding communities. It is something we do not compromise on and we expect that everyone we work with shares this commitment.

We have an extensive training program that, combined with onsite learning, ensures all our professionals perform their tasks with safety as their priority. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the safety of our operations. In many circumstances, our safety standards not only meet but exceed local requirements. We take measures to make a job site an even safer environment and we are not afraid to say ‘no’ if a situation is unsafe.

A culture of commitment

Mammoet is proud of our reputation as the industry leader in safety. But we recognize how important it is not to become complacent. Safety is an area that requires continuous attention and improvement.   

Our strong safety culture is supported by a highly dedicated SHE-Q (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) department that continuously builds on and promotes a culture focused on modelling safe behaviors. SHE-Q is a fundamental and integral part of everyday business. We provide the necessary training and development programs, protective equipment and tools for our professionals to perform their work to the highest safety standards. Furthermore, everyday our safety officers ensure that these standards are maintained consistently all over the world.

But it is not their responsibility alone: it is a commitment from everyone working at Mammoet. Safety is embedded in the Mammoet culture and our collective attitude and behavior towards safety is continuously focused on ensuring everyone gets home safe, every day.

Continuous learning and improvement

We encourage and empower everyone at Mammoet to play an active role in safety by reporting SHE-Q related events we can learn from.

Mammoet’s ambition is to identify and manage all safety risks in our everyday work to prevent incidents occurring. But if an incident does take place, we identify the underlying causes and learn from them. We have continuous engagement with our professionals to reinforce the importance of a safety-first culture. And we empower everyone at Mammoet to actively contribute to a safer work environment.

To continually improve our SHE-Q performance we monitor all SHE-Q related events. We have tools in place which allow our professionals to report SHE-Q related events, such as unsafe situations, incidents and near misses. We also encourage ideas and solutions for improvement.

We promote and encourage all Mammoet professionals to be more aware of the risks around them and to report events when they occur. We run regular campaigns to remind people of this. In particular, Mammoet has a strong focus on the prevention of Serous Incidents and Fatalities (SIFs), due to the devastating results they can have.

It is important to us that we have the information available to understand and identify trends. It help us make more informed decisions about where to focus our efforts so we can improve on key areas. By capturing this information, we can analyze SHE-Q events in detail, learn from them and prevent them from happening again.

Demonstrating leadership in safety

Mammoet is the market leader in safety. It is a responsibility we take very seriously. Working closely with our customers and contractors we raise the standards of safety on a work site, providing knowledge and training so our partners can also apply safer ways of working. Our approach to safety comes from within. Leadership within the company is focused on modelling safe behaviors to inspire our professionals.

Combined with training, development and continual engagement, our professionals know exactly what is expected from them. This is why our customers trust that by partnering with Mammoet, they are working with a team who strives for the highest safety standards possible.

Internal training programs and media

We recognize that SHE-Q is a fundamental and integral part of everyday business.

We believe that our internal and external training programs are the key to providing the continuous improvement we seek and strive for, in our effort to achieve ZERO accidents or incidents.



Returning home safe and sound at the end of every day is something we all strive for. It is our priority here at Mammoet. It is something we do not compromise on and this has led to our reputation as having the highest safety standards in the industry. We are continuing our quest for improvements in safety performance by using technology to ensure all our professionals can easily report and monitor safety issues, risks and incidents. The Mammoet Safety App, provided by EcoOnline, is another step towards zero incidents.

Our management teams are continuously looking at ways to raise the bar on safety. By introducing the Mammoet Safety App it has made reporting SHE-Q events easier and more effective for our professionals. We believe safety is the responsibility of all of us here at Mammoet. All our professionals make a commitment to behaving in a safe and responsible manner. With the introduction of the Mammoet Safety App it has become simpler and more streamlined to spot, record and monitor opportunities for improvement.


SIF spotting

Due to the high impact of SIFs (Serious Incidents and Fatalities), Mammoet has a strong focus on the prevention of these incidents altogether. Alongside reporting actual SIFs events, we also focus on spotting hazardous situations that could turn into a SIF event. This allows us to analyze, learn and correct the conditions that caused them, preventing them from happening in the future.      


Mammoet Minds

In line with our belief that safety requires the commitment of everyone at Mammoet, we run regular campaigns which remind employees to take responsibility and stayed focused on workplace health and safety.

We care!

We make sure that knowledge and experience are shared through the Training & Development Program.

Keep thinking!

If you think a situation means that you cannot comply with our safety rules, stop the work.

Look out!

When I discover a potentially unsafe situation on site, I will personally draw your attention to it.


Mammoet Minute

Before starting any job on any given day, our professionals are encouraged to take a last minute risk assessment before the works starts. Every Mammoet professional is expected to stop and think carefully about the task, and the risks and hazards that may arise. And, where necessary, to take action.


Looking after hands and feet

As a high number of injuries affect the hands and feet, we are continuously communicating the importance of paying attention and remaining focused on the job.

Achieving excellence through teamwork

Despite being a global company with a diverse team, the desire to make things better is something we all share here at Mammoet.

Mammoet is a global company with more than 5,000 people. Every day, our professionals work on a range of demanding projects worldwide – large and small. But despite being an international company, one thing stands out. All Mammoet employees operate as one team.

For years, international Mammoet teams have been coming together, working side-by-side to achieve the ultimate goal of finding smarter and safer ways of working for our customers. They all demonstrate flexibility, an ability to cope with unexpected circumstances, cooperative attitude, professionalism and dedication.

It is not a coincidence they share the same drive and characteristics. We employ professionals with the right qualities and attitude for Mammoet. Then, we provide the highest level of development and training to ensure we have the best trained professionals in the field.

Through a proactive safety approach, we consistently encourage safe behaviors and empower our people with the authority and responsibility to stop work if they believe a situation is unsafe. As well as traditional learning, we support on-the-job learning, because we believe it is an integral part of the training process. A lot of attention is paid to developing skills and experience through practical situations.

Mammoet is constantly investing in developing the knowledge and skills of its people through its training and development hub, the Mammoet Academy.

A uniform way of working worldwide

As the world’s largest specialist in heavy lifting and transport, we have all the necessary knowledge and experience available in-house to train and develop our professionals.

The Mammoet Academy is our central training facility offering formal instruction and practical training to everyone in the company. Here, our people develop their professional competency and skillsets through courses, online learning, and on-the-job training. Safety is the most important topic on the agenda.

This provides a uniform way of working across the globe. No matter where we are in the world, our people apply the same high standards when it comes to SHE-Q related issues and the same values guide their actions. In addition, Mammoet subsidiaries in different regions of the world localize the worldwide Mammoet training standard to satisfy local rules and regulations.

Prepare for a professional future!

In order to educate all employees worldwide, Mammoet Academy has opened training facilities in every region throughout the world. The Mammoet Academy offers a growing range of courses for Mammoet employees and employees of partner companies.

Are you interested in following a training via Mammoet Academy? For more information visit the Mammoet Academy website or contact