Heavy lifting

Wherever large and heavy components need to be lifted, Mammoet can supply the equipment, expertise and experience to do the job safely and efficiently.

Lifting heavy components to keep work on schedule and safe 

The critical path of industrial projects relies on lifting large, heavy components. This is true from construction and maintenance to expansion and decommissioning.  

The right heavy lifting approach brings facilities online sooner by maximizing site-wide utilization and shortening the critical path. Also, heavy transport projects move large modules or vehicles in one piece, so that they are productive for as long as possible at both end of the journey.

In a maintenance scenario, replacing key components quickly maximizes facility uptime. Smart lifting also minimizes disruption, allowing multiple contractors to work together uninterrupted, and local economies to thrive around large infrastructure projects.  

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Building the new generation of wind turbines with the LG 1750 crane and SX3 boom configuration

Engineered lifting plans to get the job done  

The most important element of any heavy lifting operation is that it takes place safely. Protecting the people involved, the load itself, any equipment and adjacent structures is paramount.   

Also, heavy lifting projects should be organized to achieve optimal project efficiency, in order to maximize uptime. Since heavy lifting operations often lie on the critical path, their efficient execution is vital to a project’s schedule and budget. 

Allowing modules to be lifted in larger pieces – whatever the application – means less time spent integrating them, a less congested project site, and a sooner completion date. This drives down costs and makes sure facilities are online for the longest possible time. 

The right equipment, wherever you are in the world 

Mammoet has the world’s largest and most modern fleet of heavy lifting equipment, including well over a thousand cranes. These range from 10-tonne all-terrain models to our in-house developed, five thousand tonne capacity PTC and SK ranges.   

Our large ring cranes combine huge lifting capacity with a long reach, flexible configuration, and quick mobilization. Our wider selection of in-house cranes includes the small footprint FOCUS30, designed for congested environments; the WTA onshore wind climbing crane, and the MTC 15, which turns any port into a heavy lift terminal.   

Our selection of large jacking systems has broken many world records for both total weights lifted and lift height.  

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