Wherever large and heavy components need to be lifted, Mammoet can supply the equipment, expertise and experience to do the job safely and efficiently.

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Wherever large and heavy components need to be lifted, Mammoet can supply the equipment, expertise and experience to do the job safely and efficiently.

Maximizing uptime

Heavy lifting has a pivotal role in industrial construction and plant maintenance projects, from petrochemical plants to civil construction, and from wind farms to major mining operations. Across the spectrum of industrial facilities, heavy lifting support is required for new construction, upgrades and expansions. In addition scheduled facility maintenance, or rapid response operations in emergency circumstances, often require heavy lifting capacity.

In all these settings, the most important element of any heavy lifting operation is that it takes place safely. Safeguarding the people involved, the load itself, any equipment and adjacent structures is paramount. Also, they should be organized to achieve optimal project efficiency, in order to maximize uptime. Since heavy lifting operations often lie on the critical path, their efficient execution is vital to a project’s schedule and budget.

Mammoet’s heavy lifting services support clients in every major industrial sector. With a combination of specialized equipment and in-depth, sector-specific engineering experience, Mammoet helps clients benefit from greater safety and efficiency. Whether it’s a capital project or ongoing maintenance, Mammoet can often find ways of shortening the critical path through carefully planned and executed lifting operations. The result is facilities can come into production, or return to service, on or ahead of schedule, ensuring maximum uptime.

Specialized heavy lifting equipment

Mammoet has the world’s largest and most modern fleet of heavy lifting equipment, from 10-ton all-terrain cranes to our in-house developed PTCs, in the 5000-ton lifting class. Our range of PTCs combine vast lifting capacity with a long reach, relatively small footprint, flexible configuration and quick mobilization. These highly versatile cranes provide significant improvements in construction and turnaround efficiency. For example, in a modular construction  project in Canada, the capacity of the PTC 140 enabled larger modules to be installed and the execution of the operation to take place while the plant remained fully operational. As a result, the upgrade was completed a year ahead of schedule.

Additionally, the MTC-15 crane developed in-house by Mammoet, was crucial for the safe transport of eight gas turbines to be used in a new power plant at Burullus, Egypt. The MTC-15 loaded the enormous units from barges onto specially configured trailers for the last leg of their journey to the site. Without the MTC-15 turning a former fishing port into a heavy lifting terminal, much longer overland transport of the units would have been required, severely delaying the power plant’s switch-on.

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Unlocking cost-effective approaches

Jacking systems are used to elevate large and heavy objects ranging from 6000-ton mining draglines to 23,000-ton offshore decks. For instance, Mammoet engineers in the United States perfected a unique new system to jack-up, load and secure a dragline excavator for a mining operation in New Mexico. Now this system is used for moving mining equipment around the world. By avoiding the complexities, cost and time required to dismantle, move and reassemble large and heavy equipment like draglines, open cast mining companies have much greater flexibility in exploiting mineral deposits cost-effectively.

Tailor-made lifting

With Mammoet’s gantry systems there is virtually no limit as serial applications enable us to adapt them for just about any weight. When the world’s largest tunnel boring machine (TBM) – nicknamed Bertha – broke down while drilling underneath the city of Seattle, Mammoet engineered a gantry lifting system capable of hoisting the machine’s damaged cutter drive module up out of the ground through a specially prepared shaft. The unit was then rotated and lowered into a saddle so that repair work could begin. This solution used a unique arrangement of 48 hydraulic cylinders to create a self-balancing gantry tower for smooth execution of the lifting operation. This tailor-made lifting arrangement enabled Bertha’s operators to bring her back into service quickly and meet their schedules.

Reliable equipment

Mammoet’s heavy lifting fleet includes state-of-the-art equipment, designed by our own engineers and manufactured to meet our clients’ needs. Our fleet is dispersed around the world, and our equipment is ready for deployment on every continent. This commitment to quality gives clients in every sector added peace of mind, knowing that well-maintained, modern and specialized equipment will be used to secure the critical path of their project.

Creative engineering

The power of our equipment means nothing without creative engineering, a careful plan and the right expertise for a safe operation. We understand how to prepare and carry out lifting jobs in a way that delivers our customers’ projects on time. Mammoet attends to each of the critical factors of heavy lifting in the greatest possible detail: engineered rigging studies are performed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency; objects are weighed and their centers of gravity are determined; plans are drafted to ensure that lifting operations fit the overall project path and contribute to optimization of project timings; and finally, Mammoet’s lifting professionals execute the plan according to the highest safety standards. In many cases, Mammoet’s approach shortens project times significantly, helping customers reduce downtime and get new capacity up and running as early as possible.

Maximizing uptime

The combination of heavy lifting equipment and expertise that Mammoet offers ensures that operations essential to the completion of construction, expansion and maintenance projects are professionally executed. More than that, Mammoet’s specialized equipment and skilled professionals can often find ways of shortening the schedule on a lift, thereby reducing the overall critical path. For our customers, this ultimately means that their project meets, or even beats, the deadline. Reducing time to market, or minimizing downtime, ensures the optimum return on investment is realized.