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A way to move extreme heavy loads, such as offshore platforms or complete buildings, is by skidding. For that purpose, a so-called skidding track is required. This is a metal track fitted with Teflon blocks. On top of the blocks a skid-shoe or beam is placed inside the track which has a stainless steel bottom and a load carrying structure on top. Teflon and stainless steel combined with lubricant have a very limited friction, allowing large loads to be moved with limited force. The skid shoe is fitted with a horizontal push – pull cylinder which can be locked into a pair of slots fitted to the sides of the skidding track. The cylinder expands (usually by one meter) and the load moves along the track accordingly. Then the cylinder is unlocked, retracts and is locked into the next pair of slots. This system is simple and strong. The skid tracks can only be fitted in a straight line which limits maneuverability. The weight of the load is directly transmitted to the skid-shoe and the track beneath, so the entire track requires load spreading and/or foundation.


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This animation shows how the system moves a bullet