Changing the world's energy mix is our greatest and most important challenge

A new generation of explorers will shape the daily lives of everyone on the planet.

“It’s my personal belief that in our industry there will be no silver bullet on sustainability.

The change will take place due to a combination of factors. We already adopted HVO fuel, derived from waste cooking oil. We’re looking at electrical cranes and power packs for the SPMT fleet. We’re also looking at hydrogen as an option, as it will allow us to operate in remote locations and still do so in a sustainable way. We are following all opportunities and are tapping into what we think are the best solutions”. 

Paul van Gelder

CEO, Mammoet

Tried-and-tested techniques

Though swift and decisive action is neededwe are not starting from scratch. Tried-and-tested techniques from across heavy industries can be redeployed to accelerate our journey towards a greener world. 

Our investment in super heavy lift cranes makes more projects viable, allowing components to grow and deliver greater yields. Our experience allows lifting facilities and ports to be built on a temporary basis, broadening access to renewable power sources. Meanwhile, modularized construction techniques allow facilities to be built most efficiently and delivered precisely on time,  lowering the cost of energy. 

Onshore wind solutions

The pace of growth in onshore wind is staggering. Over recent years, turbine power output has doubled, hub heights have grown by over 50%, and rotors have lengthened to 170m in diameter.

The bigger the turbine, the higher the civil costs. We help you to reduce the total cost of energy, making each project more cost-effective and safe.  

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Offshore wind solutions

The right modularized construction strategy minimizes the time turbine components spend on land. The right marshaling plan means vessels spend less time lying idle. 

A smart logistics approach helps to connect the two, forming a smooth production line on a global scale. 

This helps wind farms to be constructed at the smallest number of locations, with the fewest possible interfaces, in the largest units – making them faster to build and more cost-effective.

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Investment in innovation

Our investment in innovations to make the process of heavy lifting more sustainable will allow the carbon impact of the project itself to fall significantly. We are developing new ways to perform heavy lifting and transportation that reduce its overall impact. 

We are already using lower carbon fuels such as HVO, derived from waste cooking oil. Technologies such as Trailer Power Assist actively reduce the number of conventional trucks required for complex road transportation; further reducing generated emissions.  

Our SK crane range can be powered electrically, while our new range of electric SPMT trailers will allow transportation of heavy loads to take place while generating no emissions at all. Our WTA onshore wind turbine assembly climbing crane runs entirely on electricity.