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Mammoet uses a Modular Linkspan Bridge System for load-out and load-in work. All components are designed for the maximum loads produced by SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporters). The main components of the system are: Linkspans: These are available in 2.25m and 5.5m lengths. Each board is 1.0m wide and fabricated from 5 No. steel 203 x 203 UC sections welded toe to toe. All boards are fitted with 2 pad eyes to allow for connection to the Hinge Angle. Hinges Angle: these are a standard 4.0m length and are fitted with pad eyes to connect to any Mammoet Linkspan. They are fabricated from 200 x 200 RSA to allow for fitting either into a quay rebate or onto a barge deck. Pins: each steel linkspan is connected to the hinge angle using 2 No. 50mm diameter steel pins. Wedges: these are to provide a transition from the quay or barge deck onto the linkspan. They are fabricated from steel and are made of 1.0m sections, nominally 2.4m long.