Industrial Services
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Industrial Services

Mammoet offers clients across industries unique turnkey solutions focused on efficiency and safety. We provide rigging, millwrighting, heavy lift, transport, installation, specialized machinery moving, equipment setting and warehousing services for all our client's production, distribution, power and other needs. With our expertise, we service clients in a plethora of industries, from airports to pharmaceuticals and from fine arts to power and everything in between. No matter how large or small the project, Mammoet is ready to support you and help achieve your goals.

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To help you reduce downtime and save costs

We offer turnkey solutions with capabilities in rigging, installation, transport/hauling and storage. Our extensive experience and expertise provides our customers with the safest and most optimal solutions. Mammoet’s teams are efficient and effective which allow for faster response times and thorough job assessments thus reducing downtime and minimizing costs.

Mammoet Northern USA Inc. is a union company. We are signatory with the ironworkers, millwrights, operating engineers and teamsters. Our great relationship with the local union leadership and their commitment to train their members to the highest standards enables us in turn to draw from a pool of guaranteed qualified labor. Hence, we can easily assist our clients with quality service in a cost-effective way throughout the whole nation.

Mammoet Northern USA, Inc.

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Expertise and Equipment

Our clients manage highly varying and complex projects. We can support those projects by reducing construction, installation, and downtime. For that purpose we provide solutions for millwrighting, rigging, lifting, transporting, hauling, installing, and decommissioning plants, facilities, machinery, conveyor systems, port cranes, modules, etc.

Our services are focused on the pharmaceutical, airport, commercial, art, power, heavy manufacturing, mechanical and petrochemical industries. The logistic and operational challenges in these industries are growing daily. Factors such as a higher value and increased sensitivity of equipment; reduced tolerances and confined spaces; increased interdependencies; compressed and flexible timeframes; and changing regulations are constantly driving us towards smarter and safer solutions.

Mammoet’s Industrial Services include:

  • Specialized machinery moving services 
  • Equipment setting, precision placement
  • Rotating equipment alignment
  • Rigging and millwrighting capabilities
  • Heavy lifting services
  • Heavy hauling
  • Heavy transport services
  • Crane rental services
  • OTR transport
  • Rail transport
  • Plant turnaround/shutdown management
  • Site-wide construction services
  • Modular construction
  • Port-to-Production logistics
  • Rapid response
  • Relocation and decommissioning
  • Project management, engineering, supervision, craft supply
  • Jacking and skidding
  • Constructability studies
  • 15,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space available for rent. Indoor and outdoor storage available

Mammoet professionals and their equipment get the job done well, safely and on time

The unique capability of our equipment, combined with our experience, enables us to get the best results from our services and unlock more efficient ways of working. Our fleet of equipment is owned and maintained by Mammoet. This gives us the flexibility to deploy equipment to countless locations.

Mammoet's Route Survey Tool (RST)

The RST is a Lidar scan system which provides 3D scanning up to 100 meters (328 ft) in diameter and gathers precise measurements along the entire route while driving up to 50 mph. This tool reduces the need for physical measuring. The technology can determine if the unit to be transported fits along the route and identifies any obstacles or obstructions to be mitigated.

Having the route imagery recorded, provides the ability to revisit or recalculate without having to re-run the route thus enhancing route survey accuracy and efficiency. Contact us in case we can help you with the logistics of an over dimensional load.

Route Survey Tool

Mammoet's Lightweight Service Crane (LSC)

The Lightweight Service Crane has been designed so it is extremely mobile and easy to transport to and deploy in different destinations. We have designed this lifting solution to be lightweight in order to be manually constructed in small or restrictive areas. The equipment can be assembled manually for lifts up to 6t, and a hand-assembled derrick can be used to build a gantry for lifts up to 150t. The standardized equipment keeps our projects modular as well, and the equipment can be constructed with any capacity. Additional lightweight equipment, like skidding systems, can be added to create an even more versatile solution. The Lightweight Service Crane is optimized to lift heavy units on high-rise buildings, carry out stick building onsite of high rise structures, perform the handling of heavy equipment in and onto ships, and much more. 
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Lightweight Service Crane
Specialized Rigging 16 point lift
Specialized Rigging 16 point lift
40000 lbs oven roll out of building with steel ramps edited.png
40,000 lbs oven roll out of building with steel ramps 
44t gantry with turntable top to hoist rotate and palce new overhead crane on rails with limited overhead clearance.png
44t gantry with turntable top to hoist rotate and place new overhead crane on rails with limited overhead clearance
removal of screw assembly from water treatment plant using overhead runway system and air tugger hoist.png
Removal of screw assembly from water treatment plant using overhead runway system and air tugger hoist

Mammoet acquires George Young Company

In 2017, Mammoet and George Young Company finalized a deal in which Mammoet acquired the George Young Company (Philadelphia, PA, established in 1869).

Mammoet (established 1807) is the world’s market leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport, operating globally with 7,000 employees and in over 140 locations. George Young Company has been in existence since 1869 and is specialized in rigging, millwrighting and heavy hauling.

The company has the main part of its operation in the North-Eastern part of the USA. George Young, CEO of George Young Company and fourth-generation leader of the company adds: “Both George Young Company and Mammoet are renowned for their professionalism and safety records over their extensive histories. With no natural successors at hand, my sister Meredith and I have taken a deliberate approach to ensure the continuity and growth of the company.

This extends our good working relationship with Mammoet by combining both companies’ expertise to expand our market offering. Together we can offer comprehensive factory-to-foundation services – allowing us to potentially add precision millwrighting to Mammoet’s services in this region and deliver and commission components from every part of the world. So, ultimately, Mammoet is the perfect ‘fifth generation’ for George Young Company. We are excited about this deal and the commercial opportunities it entails.” In short, it is a natural fit of two companies that share more than 360 years of experience.

It’s the trust of our clients that has brought us where we are today

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