Innovation Series of Heavy Lifting and Jacking

Innovation Series of Heavy Lifting and Jacking

Mammoet has a smarter, safer, stronger solution to any engineered lifting challenge, no matter how complex.

We haven’t become industry experts by thinking small. Our specialized engineering teams, a large fleet of innovative equipment, and a worldwide network of operating centers enable us to bring an intelligent and flexible approach to projects across a wide breadth of industry sectors.

This means that clients trust us to help them achieve feats that were once considered impossible – and we have often broken records in doing so. This section provides an overview of recent and relevant Mammoet innovations that have helped the heavy lifting and transport industry progress. 

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The new standard for heavy lifting in confined spaces

The Mammoet FOCUS30 is a high capacity pedestal crane that can work in confined areas with limited ground bearing pressure. Because it can be assembled vertically, safety risks involved with crane assembly over live structures are eliminated. Its strength and unique technical features enable greater efficiency in upgrade and turnaround projects as well as inner-city civil works.

The Mammoet FOCUS30 is the ideal lifting machine for use in areas with complex infrastructure and space limitations, such as plants and inner cities. It has the capacity, versatility, and reach to work in and around different layouts and requires a minimum amount of space for assembly and operation. Its small footprint helps optimize the plant layout of brownfield projects.


  1. Small assembly area through vertical assembly
  2. Small footprint
  3. Lifting capacity
  4. Large and variable operational window
  5. Low GBP (Ground Bearing Pressure)

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The world is building bigger

With an unparalleled capacity of up to 6,000t, this new breed of lifting machine has facilitated more efficient construction methodologies across a range of industry sectors.

The revolutionary design of the SK cranes was developed to optimize flexibility in their configuration, maximize effective operation for a range of site conditions, and to meet the latest, most stringent safety standards. This is why for over ten years they have been the go-to lifting technology for major projects across the globe.

Constructing larger FPSO and FLNG modules onshore is helping to expedite project schedules; taller offshore wind turbines are generating unprecedented levels of renewable energy; installing civil components such as bridges in one piece is getting critical infrastructure back up and running sooner. The challenge is to ensure the right heavy lift cranes can facilitate the lifting and installation of these super-sized components.

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The heavy weights that move deadlines forward

The PTC cranes optimize construction and turnaround projects by enabling more efficient approaches to lifting and installing components. They offer solutions when oversized and heavy objects have to be installed or upgrades need to be carried out in confined areas.

Ring cranes answer a wide variety of today’s lifting challenges by combining lifting capacity - up to 5,000 tons - with a long reach, small footprint, flexible configuration and quick mobilization.

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Unlocking smarter routes for heavy cargo

The Mammoet Terminal Crane, MTC 15 unlocks smarter routes for heavy cargo. It quickly and simply turns any quay into a heavy lift terminal, unlocking faster and more efficient routes for heavy cargo. Easily mobilized, assembled and disassembled, it provides a simple yet effective way to lift heavy loads in remote locations without the need for ground reinforcement works.

Heavy industries are crossing new frontiers every day to satisfy the demand for more energy, materials and infrastructure across the planet. Opening up opportunities in new markets and supporting the development of new communities mean more remote locations need to be accessed. This adds to the logistical challenges when constructing new power plants, mining facilities and developing oil and gas facilities. These can be particularly difficult in places where the infrastructure for mobilizing heavy loads and materials may be limited or non-existent. 

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Immense lifting power

The revolutionary system developed to push structures of staggering weights and sizes. The Mega Jack’s flexible, efficient design is based on individual towers that can be configured in any formation to suit the particular demands of a project, providing enormous strength and stability.


The rising use of modular construction techniques across a range of industry sectors has meant increasing demand for new technology that can move heavier loads efficiently and safely.

Mammoet's innovative solution is the Mega Jack – a revolutionary system developed to push structures of staggering weights and sizes. Its flexible, efficient design is based on individual towers that can be configured in any formation to suit the particular demands of a project, providing enormous strength and stability.


  1. Reduced risk 
  2. Time effective
  3. Site optimalisation
  4. Cost savings
  5. Turnkey solution
  6. Enhanced stability

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