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Lifting services and solutions provider part of recent acquisition.

As part of the recent acquisition of ALE, Mammoet has also gained ownership of its subsidiary, Conbit.

As part of the recent acquisition of ALE, Mammoet has also gained ownership of its subsidiary, Conbit. Conbit is a successful structural engineering and lifting contractor that specializes in the modification and maintenance of offshore and onshore modules. Conbit also provides a range of lifting systems to the petrochemical sector, usually where a recognized solution is unavailable or prohibitively expensive. Whenever a standard crane’s capacity is lacking, Conbit can assist by providing a safe and effective alternative lifting solution; often as an alternative to crane vessels and barges.

Recently, Conbit has executed impressive projects in the Gulf of Mexico, including the completion of a riser and umbilical pull at a Gulf Coast facility. Because of this success, it has been awarded multiple flare tip replacements coming up in the second half of 2020 and into 2021. It has also been awarded a contract that includes the preparation of two platforms to be removed by a heavy lift vessel.

Danny Markus, Sales Manager of Conbit explains; “Clients often call me when they need to find a creative solution to install modules at remote locations offshore and onshore. We like these challenges and will look for alternatives that increase constructability without making concessions to safety and effectiveness.

Now that Conbit is a part of Mammoet, it means that Mammoet and Conbit services offered together can provide a complete solution to cover various scopes of work in the offshore sector. This sentiment is emphasized by John Rowe, Sales and Marketing Director of Mammoet USA South; “Having Conbit added to Mammoet’s vast resources gives us even more possibilities to exceed our client’s expectations. Working together gives us an advantage in a market where challenges are faced daily, and limits are constantly being pushed even further. We have already seen great collaboration and expect that this will be even more successful in the upcoming years.”

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