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130 year old train reunited with owner 

On June 16th Mammoet was engaged to move a historic locomotive from Calgary’s downtown core. Locomotive 29, built in 1887, had been on display outside of the Gulf Tower, a previous home of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) on 9th Avenue since 1996. CP had since moved to its current location in Ogden in Calgary.


The avenue was closed late in the evening. In preparation of the move, a temporary rail line was installed on the road to facilitate the movement of the locomotive under an overhead pedestrian walkway. Mammoet lifted the 91,000kg locomotive, performing the first of three tandem lifts, and set it on the rails where it was rolled to an awaiting Mammoet trailer. The second tandem lift was performed and after safe securement, Locomotive 29 was transported to a nearby rail line awaiting the final lift to an awaiting railcar.

The locomotive is scheduled to undergo restoration and is back home in CP’s Ogden rail yard.


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