From basic cranes and trailers to specialized heavy lifting solutions, Mammoet’s rental services help you deliver your project safely and on schedule.

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From basic cranes and trailers to specialized heavy lifting solutions, Mammoet’s rental services help you deliver your project safely and on schedule.

Time is money – no matter how big or small the project is. And because the heavy lifting and transport of outsized components is nearly always on a project’s critical path, working with the right partner is key to keeping it on schedule. With the world’s largest fleet of heavy lifting and haulage equipment and experienced teams of operators, Mammoet can support you with our rental services. Whether you need a conventional trailer for a 50-mile haul, or a crawler crane plus crew for several months, we are ready to help you achieve your goals on or ahead of schedule.

Heavy lifting equipment

Mobile construction cranes, all terrain, rough terrain, crawlers, and more – Mammoet’s fleet of heavy lifting equipment is the most comprehensive in the world. We are also leading innovators in jack-and-slide systems, and our special equipment offering covers push-up systems, a range of gantries, hydraulic jacks, skidding systems, weighing systems, ballast solutions and winches. We can help you choose the right equipment for your situation, and improve the efficiency of construction, installation or servicing projects through our expertise.

Heavy transport equipment

The heavy lifting machinery Mammoet offers is complemented by the latest haulage equipment. Our range of truck units and trailers are available for rental, meeting the needs of most conventional operations. For large loads and heavy haulage requirements, Mammoet supplies self-propelled trailers (SPTs) and is a leading innovator in the development and use of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs). In North America, we offer heavy duty railcar transport and if you need assistance with barge and shipping transport, Mammoet can help you through its global network of logistics contacts.

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Safe and reliable

Mammoet supplies the most up-to-date fleet of heavy lifting and transport equipment in the market. Our equipment is subjected to rigorous maintenance schedules that includes testing, hydraulic checks, renewal of fluids, and even diagnostic testing of lubricants and hydraulic fluid to troubleshoot issues long before they affect equipment functionality. These measures ensure the reliability of our fleet and increase the safety-focus of our operators. Mammoet’s maintenance programs maintain the highest standards, and the extensive size of our fleet gives our customers peace of mind.

Experienced operators

Mammoet’s drivers and equipment operators bring professionalism to every job, large or small. Our specialists work to the highest standards of quality and safety and are widely recognized as the best in their field. Because we service such a wide range of industries – including petrochemical, energy, mining, offshore, nuclear and construction – our teams have a deep understanding of working systems and requirements on numerous different types of site. Appreciating the importance of uptime, turnaround speed and time to market across sectors, the insight of our operators often enhances efficiency and always maximizes safety. If you require engineering assistance in addition to equipment rental and crew hire, Mammoet is ready to provide you those services as well and help you optimize your project.

Maximum value

The world’s largest fleet and most extensive range of heavy lifting and transport equipment, experienced operators with industry insight, a rigorous maintenance program – all of these things combine to make Mammoet the leading choice for day rental services in this sector. After working with Mammoet, our crane rental and heavy haulage hire clients often return to us for on-going project work due to the quality, efficiency and safety standards we bring to their operation