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Yaa-Bunayya Orphanage, located in Balerang, an hour drive from Batam City, Indonesia, is home to 35 children. The orphanage was set up about 10 years ago to provide children with the opportunity to grow up in a healthy and happy environment, where they can be educated and become responsible, independent adults.

The orphanage’s facilities required upgrading, including the children’s accommodation. As a nonprofit organization, the orphanage relies on corporate and public donations for its running costs.

Mammoet staff volunteered their time over two days, painting, sanding and plastering the children’s accommodation.

Donations enabled the purchase of 20 bed frames, 35 bedding sets containing a mattress, pillow, mattress cover, and blanket, paint for the walls and groceries for the children’s daily needs. Clothes and toys were also donated for the children.

Children at the orphanage come from a variety of backgrounds and range in age from one to seventeen years old. Some are “street kids” who would otherwise be exploited to become beggars or pickpockets. Some are placed there by their parents who cannot support and raise them due to poverty. Some are sent to the orphanage when violence occurs in the family.

These children are living with few comforts or luxuries and yet showed enormous warmth and appreciation for the donations they received and the effort the team put into improving their living environment during the two days they were there.

With construction materials donated by Mammoet, new living quarters for the girls had been constructed. The team assisted with the final stages of this construction, plastering and sanding the walls for the girl’s bedrooms, and also painted the walls of the boy’s bedrooms on the second floor.

The children benefitted from improved accommodation and a new coat of paint brought new colors into their lives. And the team were able to make a valuable contribution to this community while enjoying two joyful days at the orphanage in the company of the children.