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Reducing carbon footprints and improving efficiency - Trailer Power Assist

The Trailer Power Assist (TPA) is a revolutionary powered trailer system designed to improve transport efficiency and significantly lower the carbon footprint of long haul heavy transport projects. 
As an alternative to SPMTs and conventional prime movers, the TPA offers a more efficient and sustainable method of transport for projects which require the capacity to move heavy and oversize loads across long distances, to sometimes remote locations in harsh climates.
The TPA consists of six axle lines, the middle four of which are driven by a 1,000 horsepower hydraulic Power Pack Unit. Each trailer has twice the pulling force of a conventional prime mover unit but without the ballast requirements, which is needed to create traction. As a result, the overall weight and length of transports are reduced, thus improving fuel efficiency. 
The system also reduces the number of trucks required to pull and steer an oversized load. This mitigates the risks of having multi-truck configurations and improve safety and reliability in heavy transport operations. It also significantly lowers the carbon footprint by using less trucks, making it a more sustainable solution.
With an assisted road speed up to 28km/h, the TPA is up to 20 times faster than using SPMTs, which significantly saves time on transport. Furthermore, it has been built to withstand extreme climates and can operate between temperatures of -40°C and +50°C. 
Once a load has been delivered, TPA units can be towed back to base in freewheel mode with their engines off, again improving efficiency and enhancing the project’s sustainability.