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Heavy lifting in a tight spot. The two vessel hulls were undergoing further construction at a narrow quay in Rio Grande, Brazil.

In 2011, Petrobras scheduled the construction of two of its latest FPSO vessels. Mammoet was asked to install a number of modules on the ships, preparing them for deployment.

The wide variety of modules and limited working space were potential causes for a lengthy process. But with its brand new PTC crane, Mammoet had the perfect tool for the task. Compact, flexible, and impressive capacities, the PTC200-DS was the only crane needed – and suitable – to get the job done.

Over 25 large components had to be installed – some weighing as much as 1,700 tons. Smaller cranes would have to be moved around to cover the full length of the ship – something the busy quay didn’t allow for. Assembling, disassembling, and moving cranes would not only bring unnecessary safety risks, but it would also significantly delay the delivery of the vessels. For all these reasons, the PTC200-DS was the right crane for the job. 

Installation of the first module at one of the FPSOs
Finishing module installation

Broken down into parts the size of standard shipping containers, the PTC200-DS can be transported anywhere without special equipment. Put together at the Rio Grande quay, the crane boasted 105 meters of the main boom and 42 meters of a fixed jib. Yet with a swing radius of just 22 meters, the crane was able to place 20 modules, a flare, and a helideck onto two FPSOs from a single location on the narrow quay.

Mammoet’s new range of PTC cranes has proved very effective for projects such as the FPSO installation. Bringing a crane that could safely place all components from one position considerably shortened Petrobras’ delivery schedule. The time that would otherwise have been lost on moving and assembling cranes could now be spent on actual production in the field.

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Swift action keeps FPSO installation on track