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Mammoet Vietnam builds custom gantry with millimeter precision for heavy lift project

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A custom-made gantry operation was the first for the Vietnam office.

Mammoet has completed a lifting operation in Vietnam for Dung Quat Shipyard (DQS) using a custom-made gantry system – the first of such operations for the Vietnam office.

With no readily available lifting system in the current market that can lift a weight of 1100t on a crane barge with millimeter accuracy, DQS approached Mammoet to provide a customized solution for the replacement of a pintle bearing located at the bottom of the crane.

In addition, Mammoet’s expertise in heavy lifting work, especially in the area of gantry construction with precision to engineering, was one of the key reasons why DSQ approached Mammoet to assist them in overcoming this challenge. Mammoet displayed its resourcefulness with our global network capable of working together across regions to deliver impact to the client.

The customized gantry was first designed by the Breda office and made from gantry components that are readily available at multiple Mammoet locations in Europe and Asia. The system comprised of four tower gantries, and four SJ850 strand jack models each with 850t lifting capacity. As for the millimeter precision required, this was delivered by the team using special software to operate and control the strand jack model.

Overall manpower for the team consisted of highly experienced specialists from Mammoet Breda and local experts from Mammoet Vietnam. Despite this operation being the first for Mammoet Vietnam, the local team provided support by picking up the necessary skills required quickly.  

For execution, the building of the gantry itself was done mostly at various heights from 15m-36m. When the gantry was fully constructed, it was assembled onto the crane which was lifted to 20mm and then placed on stand-by for checking of the system.

Next, the crane was then lifted to 1300mm and set in a position for two weeks. DQS then proceeded to replace the pintle bearing and the crane was subsequently lowered back to its original position once the replacement is complete.

The operation was successfully and safely completed despite challenges faced by the team with regard to the mobilization of gantry components and manpower due to frequent changes in local COVID-19 restrictions. Once all upgrade is completed for the crane barge, DQS will be able to use it for piles layout and lifting of modules onto platforms.