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Reducing project schedule for Total’s Egina FPSO Integration

  • Offshore

  • Heavy lifting

  • Load-in & load-out

  • Crane lifting

  • Reduced disruption

  • Parallel operations

  • Nigeria

Using its unique and innovative SK350 crane, Mammoet has been able to break another world record to lift modules as heavy as 3,000t during its contract lifting and installing six FPSO modules for Total’s Egina FPSO module integration project in Nigeria.

For Total’s Egina project, Mammoet was contracted to lift and install six modules from the yard onto their final position on the FPSO. The lift weights were between 335t and almost 3,000t.

An engineering feat like this was only achievable by using the SK350 crane was, at the time the world’s largest capacity land-based crane. For the 3,000t lift, it was rigged in its biggest configuration with a 124m a-frame main boom, 49m ballast radius, and a newly developed 38m heavy-duty jib for additional outreach, along with a heavy winch system and 4,000t ballast.

The jib, with a patented design, was used for the first time on this project. It boosted the overall lifting capacity and extended the outreach so the crane could be strategically positioned to lift from one location.

As the yard has restricted space, this configuration was the ideal solution and reduced the overall project schedule. The crane has also provided significant time and cost savings to the client as it has allowed them to build fewer, yet bigger modules locally.

The project really showcases the capabilities of the SK350 and the jib to perform some of the world’s heaviest-ever crane lifts in a congested site. When combined with the unique heavy-duty jib and the largest crane configuration, this represents another record-breaking achievement for Mammoet,” explained Carlito Alberto, Mammoet Project Engineer.