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Mammoet welcomes Alberta industry leaders to the annual Industry Speakers’ Event.

Mammoet’s annual forum examines thorny questions of the day.

On July 4th, 2023, Mammoet welcomed industry leaders to the Calgary Petroleum Club for an afternoon of learning and discussion at the annual Industry Speaker’s Event. This year, Mammoet hosted keynote speaker Jim Bottomley along with John Desjarlais and representatives from Mammoet for a series of presentations on the theme “Future Focus: Thriving in the Innovation Age”.

The speakers discussed different aspects of the topic including a global focus on sustainability, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and predictive software, and the skills organizations will need to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

The afternoon began with a welcome prayer from Elder Crowchild and a welcome song by David Meguinis of Tsuu T’ina Nation. Keynote speaker Jim Bottomley started the individual presentations with a discussion of future trends and impacts he is seeing, and how organizations can best position themselves to take advantage of coming changes.

Mammoet's perspective on the future of the industry and how we are organizing to meet new challenges was presented, including the strategy to focus on three key pillars of innovation: data, sustainability, and hardware upgrades. This was followed by a short break where two of Mammoet’s engineers demonstrated the capabilities of Mammoet's new Move3D scanner and software.

Executive Director of the Indigenous Resource Network John Desjarlais concluded the individual presentations with an examination of how successful partnerships can be built between indigenous communities, businesses, and governments with an eye on how we can all approach our journey towards reconciliation.

The afternoon concluded with a panel session and Q&A featuring all three speakers, culminating in a fascinating discussion around inclusion and hiring practices, the role of truth in an increasingly post-truth world, and AI’s role in helping to resolve or potentially create challenges with managing data, helping the energy transition, and the future of conflict.