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Mammoet’s expanding fleet includes state of the art crawler crane set to tackle several US projects.

Rosharon, Texas – Mammoet USA is currently undergoing substantial growth in terms of qualified personnel and asset acquisition. For 2016, Mammoet USA is making a 100 million dollar investment in miscellaneous transport and lifting equipment, the vast majority being crawler cranes between 100 tons and 600-ton capacity.

This expansion will allow Mammoet to better serve the demand of our loyal and trusted customers who are relying on us to fulfill their needs on a number of major projects along the Gulf Coast. Mammoet will also be able to widen our range of services and in turn enter new business areas, such as plant maintenance and full-service turnarounds. With a global shift in project work to the Gulf Coast, additional personnel will be available to provide more manpower to these projects and new ventures.

In addition to these small and medium size cranes; Mammoet USA is also bringing in a state-of-the-art, 1600-metric-ton crawler crane to tackle several upcoming Gulf Coast projects. The CC 8800-1 arrived in December 2015 to start on a Cat Cracker turnaround project at a Texas Gulf Coast refinery. When this project is finished the crane will continue on to several additional projects along the coast.

The CC 8800-1 will be the largest crawler crane in Mammoet USA’s regional fleet. The crane will also be available with a Boom Booster kit which will provide additional lifting capacity. “We are excited to introduce this brand new CC 8800-1 to the US market. Its large capacity and unmatched flexibility make it possible to be used in confined spaces without compromising its lifting abilities,” said Pierre Mille, Sales Director of Mammoet USA. “The Boom Booster kit will also give the crane even greater capacity, specifically for tall vertical lifts.”

The new cranes will expand Mammoet USA’s total regional crane fleet to 75 units which vary from 100 tons to 1600 tons capacity.