• Heavy transport

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  • Korea, South

A number of Korean EPC companies attended the ‘Engineered Heavy Lift & Transport Academy’.

This three-day course was developed by Mammoet to share heavy lifting and transport expertise with EPCs and owners of industrial plants.

“In many cases, the engineered lifting and transport of heavy components is a key element on the critical path of a construction or turnaround project”, explains Mr. Chong Kook Cho, Managing Director for Mammoet Korea. “Such activities are critical to project efficiency and cost-effectiveness, harboring many opportunities to realize time-savings. These opportunities can be identified and harnessed when information and knowledge are shared. We believe by sharing our expertise we create a better, mutual understanding with our partners and clients. This helps them attain new levels of quality, efficiency, and safety. Most importantly, it helps us to better understand our client’s needs and how we can best serve them”.

Among the companies that attended the Mammoet Korean Academy were Daelim, Hyundai, SK, Panthos, GS, Samsung, POSCO, Hanwha, Lotte, Daewoo, Doosan and others. More than 150 people, from various positions in engineering, logistics and construction within these companies, benefitted from the insight they gained during the course.

One attendee commented: “this is the first time something like this has been offered to us, it has helped increase our understanding of what is actually involved in mobilizing large construction equipment”. The first responses from the Korean EPCs have been very positive, with a request for the program to be repeated in the near future.