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Jacking, loadout and floatover operations for 19,600-tonne offshore platform successfully completed

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Mammoet’s creative engineering and innovative equipment deliver safe and efficient load-out and offshore installation operations for the Azeri Central East (ACE) production, drilling and quarters platform in the Caspian.

Mammoet is pleased to announce the successful completion of a remarkable project that showcases its commitment to efficient solutions and safety.

Through creative engineering and the use of its state-of-the-art equipment, Mammoet has achieved a significant milestone – the safe and efficient load-out and offshore installation of a massive offshore platform. 

This achievement is part of the Azeri Central East (ACE) project, the next phase of the development of the bp-operated Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli (ACG) field  in the Caspian Sea.

Mammoet’s scope included the weighing, jack-up, load-out and floatover installation operations of the 19,600-tonne production, drilling, and quarters (PDQ) platform.

Leveraging its comprehensive engineering capabilities, Mammoet ensured the precise transfer of the platform's topsides unit from the quayside onto the transportation barge STB-1 and subsequently onto the jacket foundation offshore.

Prior to its departure, the topsides unit underwent meticulous commissioning and operational testing onshore, significantly reducing offshore installation and start-up activities.

Engineered solutions

At the quayside, the topsides unit was expertly jacked up to a height of 17 meters and then gently lowered onto a custom loadout support frame, utilising Mammoet's largest jacking system – Mega Jack 5200. The unit was then smoothly skidded onto the barge, where it was sea-fastened and prepared for its voyage to the ACG field. The skidding operation onto the barge's deck was accomplished using four 900-tonne strandjacks, break-out jacks, high capacity ballast system, load monitoring quay jacks comprising of six 600-tonne jacks, and mooring winches.

Upon its arrival at the designated field location, Mammoet executed the installation of the topside unit onto the jacket foundation through a floatover operation. The barge was precisely positioned over the substructure and the topsides unit was then lowered onto the substructure, while maintaining the barge’s position. The barge’s internal ballasting and winching system was enhanced with Mammoet’s float-over winches and configurable high-flow rapid ballast system. This enhancement added an additional flow capability of approximately 32,000m3/hr. This centrally controlled and monitored ballast system ensured real-time oversight, guaranteeing operational continuity and a safe floatover process.

The project's success is not only marked by its technical achievements but also by its outstanding safety record. Throughout the construction of the 19,600-tonne topsides unit, more than 21 million hours were worked injury-free. This unit, comprising vital oil and gas processing facilities, an integrated drilling rig, a gas compressor, and living quarters, was expertly constructed by Azfen in the Bayil fabrication yard, utilizing local infrastructure and resources. 

Mammoet played a key role in the integration of the platform’s DES and MDSM modules, totaling 2,400 and 2,350 tonnes respectively, showcasing the company's multi-faceted capabilities. The combination of Mammoet's advanced jacking and skidding systems, along with SPMTs, ensured a seamless and secure operation.

Looking ahead, drilling is expected to commence in the coming months with the delivery of ACE's first oil projected to begin in early 2024.

Dan Kempin, Business Development Manager for Mammoet, commented: “As we continue to redefine industry standards through our innovative solutions and steadfast commitment to safety, the successful loadout of this massive topsides unit stands as a testament to Mammoet's dedication to excellence in engineered heavy lifting and transport.”