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Mammoet-Haisla Partnership will commence mobile crane services as of October 15.

Mammoet Canada and the Haisla First Nation partnership are poised to open up the very first Mammoet-Haisla Branch Office in Kitimat, BC. As early as October 15th, Mammoet-Haisla will have a functional yard with an office following in the coming months.

The Haisla Nation is the band government of the indigenous Haisla people in Kitimat, BC. This partnership is an excellent blend of local industry knowledge and community staffing. Mammoet-Haisla is dedicated to working together with the Haisla Nation to create local job positions that will be available for the Kitimat community. Services provided at the Mammoet-Haisla branch will include mobile crane services and engineering support with project management to follow.

Tom MacLeod, VP Commercial for Mammoet Canada Western: 'One of Mammoet’s objectives is to combine our commercial business with contributions to local communities. We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to a rewarding relationship with the Haisla Nation.'